Rector Message

It is a matter of honour, privilege and pride for me to lead the first ever-chartered National Technology University of Pakistan created through an act of Parliament. NUTECH is envisioned to be an internationally acclaimed technology driven research university destined to produce national and international industry leaders of character in the coming years. Being an engineering and technology inspired bastion of learning and scholarship, NUTECH is the first ‘University for Industry’ in the country. Its motto is “Leading to Progress and Excellence”. Among the many distinguished features the salient highlights of NUTECH are the technology driven innovative teaching, learning and industrial research based sciences, engineering, technology and skills education system, world class qualified faculty, curriculum of the level of world’s top ranking technology universities, strong Academia-Industry linkages as per best international practices, prevailing, emerging and new technologies based industrial research programs, ‘Outside Classroom’ learning opportunities, industrial leadership programs, technology based student learning communities, technology focused research groups based culture for the accumulation and creation of new knowledge frontiers, engineering and technology inspired career acceleration opportunities for future industry leaders and innovative research opportunities programs to develop technologies for the society and industry. NUTECH learning systems promote sciences, engineering, technology and skills based knowledge ecosystem to inspire the youth as promising entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We are poised to introduce innovative minds of science and engineering as technology creators, developers and managers for the industrial enterprises of today and tomorrow. Joining NUTECH as a student is like embarking on a journey of promising future yet sustainable in cherishing technological emblem. Team NUTECH is a scholarly enterprise imparting scholarly knowledge and nurturing versatility, confidence, leadership and uniqueness in diverse competing global technologies through world-class education in science, engineering, technology, other technologies, other areas of scholarship, professional certifications, technical & vocational skills. As hub of high-quality engineering and technology vision, NUTECH offers state-of-the-art application based Science programs in applied engineering and technologies with a blend of applied sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. NUTECH is an objective-oriented and industry-focused university, committing to steer industry and transform national economy by opening new knowledge corridors for the society and humanity. Through its unique NUTECH skills development framework (NSDF), the university is poised to transform the prevalent education standards of technology implementers and diploma associates and convert them into most productive workforce facilitating national industrial growth and prosperity for Pakistan. NUTECH has planned impressive state-of-the-art and futuristic departments, labs, research centers etc. and offers promising and impressive programs of engineering and technology. We warmly welcome all who aspire to become part of NUTECH community as active members of Advanced level Engineering and “Technology Family” in Pakistan.