NUTECH Career Acceleration Program (NCAP)

  • NCAP is a year-long program for sophomores designed to foster career-ready graduates equipped with essential workplace skills.
  • It is a unique career booster for students aimed at interpersonal and intrapersonal skills development, professional mentoring, and academia-industry networking
  • NUTECH Career Acceleration Program facilitates students to think strategically about their academic and professional goals and start building their resumes.
  • The Program offers students a rich array of workshops, engagement events with Industry professionals, seminars and trainings all designed to help students actively build their careers
  • NCAP Career Acceleration Workshop is the cornerstone of the NCAP curriculum.
  • The workshop acts as a platform for students, faculty and researchers to have direct interaction with the leading industry professionals.
  • Through this interaction, the students learn about the significance of their academics for the resolution of industry problems.
  • The Career Acceleration Workshop is an opportunity for the industry to share their problems and technical issues with academia.