NUTECH Office of Research Industrialization, Internationalization & Commercialization (NORIIC )

“To promote transfer of NUTECH research endeavors to local and global industry for turning innovations and entrepreneurship into products and businesses to benefit society“


Under mentioned elements of proposed vision describe desired futuristic direction of NORIIC, which will drive the planning and execution of strategies.

  • To facilitate and promote R&D through an enabling environment.
  • To build strong partnerships with industry.
  • Supporter/facilitator of technology solutions for industry.
  • Develop/nurture internationally acceptable HR.


  • Support the strategic research directions and policies of NUTECH.
  • Improve integration of research, innovation and education at all levels.
  • Increase and diversify external research funding.
  • Facilitate creation of research enabling environment within university
  • Help researchers to translate research for public’s benefit.
  • Improve and strengthening university-industry relationships.
  • Promote entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities which improve and support the economy.
  • Promote and improve multi-disciplinary research initiatives.
  • Facilitate capacity building of faculty in research domain
  • Pursue student’s internships and job placement options in industry

NORIIC Office at a Glance

National University of Technology (NUTECH) is a federally chartered Higher Education Commission (HEC) & Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) recognized, Islamabad based University, administrated under Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST). NUTECH is envisioned to be an internationally acclaimed applied research university and is established as a pioneer ‘University for Industry’ to create, develop and promote existing, emerging and future technologies for the country. It is now producing skilled manpower and is on its way to producing top quality engineers, technologists and researchers.

Research and innovation are the crucial precursors of country’s development as they define its pace in pursuit of technological growth. NUTECH aspires to play its role in improving technological sphere of Pakistan through its industry engagements, problem analysis and innovative approach. NUTECH ORIIC (NORIIC) was established at NUTECH in 2019 to facilitate research and innovation by faculty/students and accordingly define strategy and processes with the collaboration of all stake holders. NORIIC has a significant role to contribute in achieving NUTECH vision through effective liaison with national and international academia, R&D industry and industrial organizations, to facilitate research at NUTECH.

NORIICs mission is to ensure quality research in academia and transform these efforts into a commercially viable and tangible product and is entrusted to bridge the existing gap between academia, industry and government. It has been setup to support and facilitate provision of innovative, cost-effective, sustainable and localized solutions to industry, with the help of academia.

During short span of time, NORIIC has conducted visits and interactions with various Industry Sectors / Associations / Zones’ and has arranged different symposiums to identify existing gaps.  It is putting focal efforts on Industry engagement for establishment of links with industry & identifying needs of industry besides initiating required actions for creation of a research enabling environment within NUTECH. Based on that, NORIIC will provide strategic and operational support to the research activities of university to perform a central role in facilitating the outcomes of university research. The direction of research is intended to focus on turning knowledge into innovation through generation of products and refinement of production processes, that can ultimately impact economy and community welfare. NORIIC’s envisaged roadmap, once materialized over the coming years, would contribute positively towards growth of research and innovation.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage for NORIIC is its highly experienced leadership, evolving strong industrial linkages and a convenient campus location. Besides that, all levels of technical education from basic skills-based level-1 certificate to Doctorate degree makes it a logical solution provider in academia domain for industry’s needs. Based on that, NORIIC is in active pursuit of bridging the gap between Industry, Government and Academia, as dictated by “Triple Helix Model”.


The leadership of NORIIC is highly experienced, well versed with industry dynamics and adequately oriented with governmental policies constraints. With their background and experience, they are applying their knowledge to carve out a realistic and prudent roadmap to achieve NUTECH ORIIC objectives. In that, due consideration is being accorded to the existing limitations posed by nascent stages of university’s UG program and the phased enabling of Masters and PhD programs.

NORIIC is headed by Director General NORIIC, Air Vice Marshal Asif Maqsood, who is an engineer by profession and a graduate of PAF College of Aeronautical Engineering. He has more than 30 years of experience in engineering domain and has held various positions related to technology, research and design domain. He is assisted by Director NORIIC, Air Commodore Imran Anwer, who is also an engineer by profession and has considerable experience in varied professional engineering pursuits besides 05 years of work experience in R&D management domain.  Top tier of NORIIC leadership is amply qualified and experienced in technology, research and innovation management and is equipped to steer it in the right direction.

Role, Responsibilities and Services Offered at ORIIC


In order to achieve its above stated objectives, NUTECH Office of Research, Industrialization, Internationalization and Commercialization (NORIIC) is to fulfil its role of a facilitator and supporter for execution of goal oriented research. In that, it has to ensure that requisite wherewithal required for execution of research activities is made available in required areas through effective coordination between university offices and external stakeholders.


Key responsibilities of NUTECH ORIIC are

  • Establishment of links with industry & identify needs of industry
  • Strengthen research based commercial relations
  • Remain updated on industry related research
  • Facilitate transformation of academic engagements into commercialization
  • To obtain and utilize research grants allocated by HEC, university, industry, government or international funding bodies.
  • Arrange resources for projects & nurture start-ups/spin-offs 
  • To create company/companies for commercialization
  • Explore avenues for internships and job placement of students
  • To ensure that all research, especially research on human subjects, adheres to ethical guidelines.
  • To develop university’s intellectual property rights (IPR) policy and ensure that the interests of researchers are fully protected.
  • To provide an annual report describing priority areas of research and to highlight research achievements of the university.

Services Offered 

  • To provide a gateway to university offices for engagement of external agencies for various endavours.
  • One-stop office for supporting, facilitating and monitoring quality of research.
  • Mobilization of resources to win grants from national and international funding bodies.
  • Facilitate and support researchers for relevant approval processes.
  • To provide facility of business incubation for entrepreneurs.
  • To Identify, build, and market intellectual property of the university personnel (faculty, students and researchers) through licensing and spin-off arrangements.

NORIIC Relationship with Karachi Industry

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