BSc Civil Engineering Technology

BSc Civil Engineering Technology is a technology driven innovative teaching, learning and industrial research-based education system in line with top ranking engineering and technology universities. As per the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Engineering programs often focus on theory and conceptual design, while Engineering Technology programs usually focus on application and implementation. ‘Cooperative Education’ which is the cornerstone of this programme, is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. The BSc Civil Engineering Technology is the first of its kind innovative cooperative model program designed in concert with the construction industry of Pakistan.  This programme has been launched in the Fall of 2021 with a total of 140 credits.  The programme lays special emphasis on infrastructural engineering technologies for planning, design modules, and construction and environment management. 

The set programme aims to produce vibrant fieldworkers equipped with the necessary practical toolkit to work with diverse construction companies. The designed programme between NUTECH and industry will assist the students in taking nuanced responsibilities while ensuring meaningful contributions in their job-environment. 

The BSc Civil Engineering Technology programme will make certain that the graduates will have employment within the construction industry based on their technical expertise, management capabilities, networking skill, and acquaintance with high end technologies during the studies. Our graduates at NUTECH BSc Civil Engineering Technology will surely be at power with the graduates of the world-renowned universities. 


Promote academic excellence in Civil Engineering Technology through knowledge, innovation, and applied skills supported with spirt of entrepreneurship, social responsibilities, and ethical practices to best serve society and industry.


  • To produce technologically sound workforce having both theorical knowledge and applied skills while coordinating with the industry.
  • To plan and implement industrial projects with great efficiency following best practices.
  • To bridge the gap between industry and academia through a “Cooperative Technology” degree program.
  • To innovate, create, develop, implement, and promote technologies of the future for economic development of Pakistan.

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