Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Control Systems

This domain deals with the design, construction and use of different robots.
It also focuses on modeling and simulation of dynamical systems.

Signal and Image Processing

This domain focuses on the methods and techniques, to process and analyze signals e.g. audio, images, and video to perform useful operations such as signal enhancement, signal filtering, data compression and feature extraction. In feature extraction algorithms, important information can be extracted from signals for further processing. The feature extraction is the basis for computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Communication Systems and Networks

Communication system deals with the transmission of data/signal from source to destination via wired/wireless channel. This domain focuses on communication networks, digital communications, wireless communication, information theory, mobile communication, coding theory, wireless sensor networks, wireless channel modeling, and design and implementation of wired/wireless transceivers.

Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits

Research in this domain covers the entire spectrum of analog, digital and mixed signal integrated circuits. Modern Digital ICs contains millions of transistors inside a single chip. It mainly focuses on IC design methodologies which include circuit design, synthesis, layout, and verification of integrated circuits using CAD software tools and also IC fabrication steps.