Ser NoPublication TitleAuthorsCategoryYear of Publication
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Framework for State Space Adaptive filters for removal of PLI from Cardiac Signals.
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Power Line Interference from ECG Signal
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Power Line Interference from Electrocardiogram
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Line Interference Removal From ECG Signal Using SSRLS Algorithm
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8Power Line Interference Tracking in ECG Signal using State Space RLS
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9Novel Algorithm for Analysis and
Classification of Atrio-Ventricular Nodal Re-entry Tachycardia (AVNRT) Using IntraCardiac
Dr. Nauman RazzaqConference2013
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State Space Recursive Least Squares (SSRLS) Adaptive Filter
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12Identification of Sudden Cardiac
Arrest(SCA) using Modified Wavelet Transform
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and Atrial Fibrillation during Electrophysiology
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Removal of Power Line Interference from Electrocardiogram
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16State Space Least Mean
Square Adaptive Filter for Power Line Interference removal from Cardiac Signals
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Line Interference Cancellers for ECG Signal
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