Department of Mechanical Engineering

“The mission of mechanical engineering department is to produce technically sound and innovative graduates, industrial leaders and entrepreneurs of character and vision who can address current and future industrial and community challenges.”

Mechanical Engineering Department aims to produce Leaders of future through the fusion of academic excellence with personal character. We educate students in mechanical engineering that can model, design, innovate and solve grand challenge problems facing our community and industry. The department is committed to open and spirited intellectual inquiry through rigorous application of the scientific methods focusing on the developing knowledge, advancing community and rapidly changing industry. The department has devised the curriculum that is based on the concept of Learning by Doing to provide every undergraduate student with outstanding education grounded in basic, applied and social sciences with a focus on engineering and technology that will:

  1. Produce future technology leaders in Mechanical Engineering field focusing on bridging the gap between industry and academia.
  2. Promote culture of research and student involvement to develop state-of-the-art technologies and products.
  3. Produce graduates that are not only competent in technical skills but also have strong communication skills and teamwork abilities.
  4. Prepare our graduates for successful careers in a wide range of fields.