HOD Message

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at National University of Technology (NUTECH) is committed in application of engineering and science to the solution of community and industry challenges through technological and commercial innovations. In todays’ world, the role of mechanical engineer has expanded from conventional design and manufacturing job to offering solutions to complex interdisciplinary problem. Mechanical professionals work in just about every industry from energy and transportation to consumer products, manufacturing to industrial design and defence to biotechnology and healthcare. Focusing on wide range of application, we at Department of Mechanical Engineering strive to imbibe in our students the skills needed in these stupendous tasks. We have highly experienced faculty and staff members. Innovative teaching methods and student mentoring are the uniqueness of our department. We provide students with a joyful, productive and dynamic experience at all levels of the program of studies. We have very close ties with the industry and our students actively collaborate in industrial research and development projects right from the beginning of the engineering program. In addition to the core mechanical engineering courses, we also offer elective courses from the streams of Control, Instrumentation and Robotics, Energy, Mechanics, Industrial Design, Product Development, Biomechanics, Nano engineering and Automobiles to explore the amazing world of mechanical engineering. We at NUTECH strongly believe to improve the landscape of mechanical engineering in Pakistan to meet the futuristic demands of our community and industry. I welcome your interest in the department and wish you a very successful and enjoyable experience with us.