UG Computing Programs

The design of the undergraduate programs at the Department of Computer Science will help students acquire the knowledge, intellectual abilities, skills and values needed to be on the cutting-edge of technology.

A Computer Science degree represents not only a specified number of credit hours/units and a collection of subjects, but requires an intense involvement in academic enterprise and immersion in the culture of NUTECH. The bachelors degree program consists of extensive computing subjects and also requires students to complete Experiential Learning Programs namely:

  1. Industrial Learning Experience Program (ILEP) every year for four years.
  2. Four weeks Industrial and Creative Activity Term (ICAT) every year for four years.
  3. NUTECH Learning Communities Program (NLCP) in first year.
  4. NUTECH Career Acceleration Program (NCAP) in second year.
  5. NUTECH Engineering Leadership Program (NELP) in third year.
  6. Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) in third and fourth years.