Teaching Labs

NUTECH is developing its labs benefiting from collaboration and guidance of world class universities of engineering technologies like University of Utah (UU) and MIT. NUTECH will be contributing in nation building with its technical expertise. NUTECH Labs in addition to regular teaching and training will establish technology incubation centers and centers of research excellence. It will also offer special lab courses with emphasis on hands on experience taking guidance and or in collaboration with world leading organizations and engineering technology universities.

Salient Features

The salient features of NUTL are:

  • Interfacing industrial and corporate sectors with academia by providing technology solutions, 
  • Business Incubation by revenue generating projects,
  • Incubating commercially worthwhile industrial projects,
  • Joint ventures with various organizations,
  • Innovation, technology development and technology commercialization,
  • Collaborating with R&D organizations for potential research and industrial projects, at national and international forefronts,
  • Interdisciplinary Research Culture – conducting applied, outcome based, multidisciplinary research and development projects.