ICT Applications for Sustainable Environmental Protection (ACTIVE) Project Grand Consortium Summit at NUTECH: A Leap towards Sustainable Environmental Protection

The National University of Technology (NUTECH), Islamabad, proudly announces the commencement of the three-day Grand Consortium Summit & Erasmus+ ACTIVE Curriculum Review Meeting from May 15 to 17, 2024. This pivotal event is part of the ACTIVE Project, a significant initiative funded by the European Union to address Pakistan’s environmental challenges. With a total funding of 0.717 Million Euros, this collaborative effort is fully supported by the European Union ERASMUS+ CBHE-2022 program.The ACTIVE Project consortium comprises seven partners: four Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from Pakistan, including SSUET Karachi, MUET Jamshoro, Sindh, and BUITEMS Quetta, Balochistan, and three European institutions from Ireland, Spain, and Romania. This diverse partnership underscores a collective commitment to leveraging technology and innovation for sustainable environmental protection.

The summit began with a welcome speech by DG Skills NUTECH, Engr. Mr. Raza Ali Khan, setting a collaborative tone. This was followed by an introduction to Project ACTIVE by Dr. Pablo Otero Roth, UMA Spain and Dr. Marium Jalal, NUTECH, and a recap of project activities by Prof. Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry from MUET. Vice Chancellor of SSUET, Prof. Vali Uddin, also addressed the attendees, emphasizing the importance of the project for Pakistan’s educational and environmental landscape. H.E. Mr. Philipp Oliver Gross from the EU Delegation to Pakistan highlighted the project’s importance in his address. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aamir from SSUET updated on Capacity Building activities, focusing on Work Package 4.

A significant highlight was the inaugural event, where H.E. Mr. Philipp Oliver Gross, H.E. Mr. Eduard Robert Preda, Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan, and the Spanish Embassy representative, Mr. Carlos, inaugurated first Center of Excellence  dedicated to using ICT applications for environmental problem-solving, marking a milestone in collaboration and knowledge exchange. The center aims to cultivate skilled ICT engineers with expertise in environmental science through capacity-building activities and specialized courses on advanced technologies. The center will establish four research centers focusing on local environmental challenges, providing practical training and contributing to mitigation efforts.

On the second day, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Admiral Ravindra C Wijegunaratne, visited the European Union Center of Excellence at NUTECH. The day also saw the signing of a Letter of Understanding between NUTECH and PMD under the ACTIVE Project, aiming for enhanced collaboration. Dr. Muhammad Afzaal, Chief Meteorologist at PMD Pakistan, delivered a guest lecture on climate change.

The final day of the program marked a significant milestone with visits from ACTIVE Consortium members to the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC). These visits facilitated in-depth discussions on various aspects of agricultural research, including emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and collaborative opportunities.

This summit serves as a platform for dialogue and strategic planning to address Pakistan’s educational and environmental challenges. The project’s progress underscores a collaborative effort to bridge technology and environmental sciences for a sustainable future.

Seminar on Career Counselling & Entrepreneurship

NUTECH University, a premier institution dedicated to academic excellence and innovation, proudly hosted a student seminar on “Career Counselling & Entrepreneurship” on 7th May 2024. The seminar not only aimed to empower students with essential career guidance and entrepreneurial aspects, but also emphasized the significance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 4, 16, and 17. NUTECH University, known for its commitment to holistic education and fostering future professionals, provides a platform for students to delve into crucial topics shaping their careers and societal impact. This seminar also served as a connection between personal career aspirations and global sustainability objectives, aligning with NUTECH’s ethos of producing socially responsible leaders.

The seminar featured distinguished speakers renowned in their respective fields, offering students a rich tapestry of knowledge and experiences to draw from. Attendees had the privilege of engaging with seasoned professionals who shared wisdom on navigating career choices and cultivating entrepreneurship. With an emphasis on holistic career development, the seminar explored various facets of career planning, skills development and the significance of entrepreneurship in today’s dynamic job market. Students gained valuable insights into identifying their strengths, aligning their passions with career paths and harnessing entrepreneurial opportunities.The seminar concluded with interactive sessions, enabling students to engage with speakers and explore actionable strategies for personal and collective advancement. Participants left inspired and equipped with the tools to navigate their career paths while contributing to sustainable development objectives.

UK Universities Delegation Led by Prof. Sir Steve Smith Visits National University of Technology Islamabad

National University of Technology Islamabad (NUTECH) had the honor of hosting a distinguished delegation from leading Universities in the United Kingdom. The delegation, led by esteemed academician Prof. Sir Steve Smith, was warmly welcomed by the Rector NUTECH, Lieutenant General Moazzam Ejaz HI (M) Rtd .During their visit, the delegation engaged in fruitful interactions with the esteemed faculty and bright students of NUTECH. Discussions were held on various avenues for mutual collaboration, ranging from academic partnerships to research initiatives. Rector NUTECH Lt. Gen. Moazzam Ejaz HI (M) Rtd expressed his delight at the visit, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in advancing education and research. Prof. Sir Steve Smith lauded NUTECH’s dedication to innovation and excellence, noting the impressive strides made by the university in a relatively short span of time. He expressed optimism about the potential for meaningful collaboration between NUTECH and UK universities, aimed at addressing pressing societal challenges and advancing knowledge.

The visit of the UK universities delegation marks a significant milestone in NUTECH’s journey towards internationalization and academic excellence. It underscores the university’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and learning on the global stage.

NUTECH Students Shine Bright at Federal Capstone Winners Prize Distribution Ceremony

Students from NUTECH (National University of Technology, Islamabad) showcased their brilliance and innovation at the Federal Capstone Winners Prize Distribution Ceremony, organized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). In a remarkable display of talent and expertise, NUTECH students secured the first position in the Civil & Allied category, while also clinching the first and second positions in Computer & Allied projects. Their outstanding performance underscored NUTECH’s commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of engineers.

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz Him (Rtd), Rector of NUTECH, commended the PEC team for their diligent efforts in organizing the ceremony. He emphasized the importance of providing platforms and conducive environments for young engineers to thrive and excel.Furthermore, Rector NUTECH extended his congratulations to the teachers who guided the students with their knowledge and support, enabling them to achieve remarkable success in their endeavors.

The success of NUTECH students at the Federal Capstone Winners Prize Distribution Ceremony reflects the institution’s dedication to academic excellence, innovation, and student empowerment. NUTECH continues to inspire and equip students to become future leaders and pioneers in the field of engineering.

CEO of Barrick Gold Visits National University of Technology, Islamabad for Collaborative Partnership

The esteemed CEO of Barrick Gold, Mr. Mark Bristow, along with a high-level delegation, paid a visit to the National University of Technology, Islamabad (NUTECH) on March 23, 2024. The purpose of the visit was to explore collaborative opportunities in academia, skills development, and community upliftment, particularly focusing on the youth of Balochistan. Rector of NUTECH, Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz Him (Retd), extended a warm welcome to Mr Mark Bristow and his delegation, emphasizing the significance of forging partnerships for the advancement of education and skill enhancement.

Discussions revolved around establishment of diploma programs catering to the repair and maintenance of mining equipment, addressing the growing demand for qualified professionals in the field. Mr. Mark Bristow expressed satisfaction at the prospect of a close working relationship with NUTECH, underscoring the mutual benefits of partnership and shared goals in fostering education, skills development, and community welfare. The visit concluded with a commitment to meet the immediate training requirements at the present NUTECH campus, continued dialogue and cooperation between Barrick Gold and NUTECH, progressive meetings between management / working groups of both parties to finalize the further way forward with both parties looking forward to realizing the full potential of their collaborative efforts in the near future.

Breaking News: Dr. Marium Jalal has been selected for the most competitive and prestigious British Council Charles Wallace Fellowship Award 2024

In a remarkable achievement, Dr. Marium Jalal has been honored with the highly esteemed British Council Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship 2024. This prestigious award, one of the most coveted and competitive grants in the academic realm, is granted to only a few individuals across the country.

Dr. Marium Jalal’s exceptional work and dedication have earned her this distinguished fellowship, which is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the field of climate change and information communication technologies (ICT) In collaboration with the UK’s top two esteemed institutions:

  1. James Watt School of Engineering at University of Glasgow and  
  2. Fluid Flow and Environmental Engineering department (Centre for Water, Environment and Development) at University of Cranfield.

Dr. Jalal’s fellowship will delve into the crucial topic of “Climate Change and Implementation of Information Communication Technologies: A Way Forward.” This collaborative effort promises to advance our understanding of how ICT can be leveraged as a solution in combating climate change and paving the way for a sustainable future.

The award is fully funded by the British Council, signifies a significant investment in Dr. Jalal’s research endeavors and underscores the importance of her work in addressing one of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Dr. Marium Jalal’s achievement stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring scholars and underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling complex issues like climate change at National University of Technology (NUTECH) Islamabad.

National University of Technology Hosts National Idea Bank III in Collaboration with Aspire Pakistan at the President House

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) hosted the prestigious National Idea Bank III event in collaboration with Aspire Pakistan, at the esteemed President House. National Idea Bank, a platform renowned for fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration, brings together leading minds, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to explore groundbreaking ideas and initiatives aimed at shaping the future of Pakistan. By successfully holding the third edition, NUTECH and Aspire Pakistan are poised to elevate the discourse and drive actionable solutions for the nation’s progress with main theme for this year as “Ideas to promote import substitution and export enhancement”. At this occasion, Honorable Chief Guest President Islamic Republic of Pakistan said that he was a staunch supporter of promoting a knowledge-based economy and stressed the need for talent hunting through forums like the NIB for socio-economic development. He appreciated the role being played by NIB as a repository of innovative ideas that would serve as a catalyst for the country’s transformation to a brighter and prosperous future. Rector NUTECH Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz (Rtd)(HI(M) highlighted the power of collaboration and partnerships. National Idea Bank III exemplifies this spirit of collaboration, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise. As Pakistan’s foremost gathering of visionary leaders, innovators, and change-makers, National Idea Bank III promises to be a catalyst for transformative action and enduring impact. Harnessing the power of collective ingenuity and collaboration would ensure a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

NUTECH Secures 1st Position in 4th Federal Engineering Capstone Expo 2024

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) recently hosted its 4th Federal Engineering Capstone Expo 2024 at the Pak China Friendship Center in Islamabad, showcasing outstanding engineering innovations from across the country. The expo highlighted the remarkable achievements and contributions of various universities, with NUTECH, a leading technology-driven research university, emerging as a standout participant at the event. Committed to advancing society through education, research, and innovation, NUTECH proudly participated in the PEC Expo 2024, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in engineering. Out of 38 participating universities nationwide, NUTECH’s Civil Engineering Department stood out from the competition by securing the 1st position in the civil and allied category. Additionally, the Computer Engineering Department at NUTECH achieved remarkable success by securing both the 1st and 2nd positions in the computer and allied category.

NUTECH’s outstanding performance at the expo is a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in engineering education. By producing industry-leading research and fostering cutting-edge advancements, NUTECH has established itself as a key player in the field of engineering, setting new standards for quality and innovation. The PEC Expo 2024 provided a valuable platform for NUTECH to showcase its groundbreaking engineering projects and initiatives, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in engineering education and research. The university’s remarkable achievements at the event are a reflection of its commitment to preparing the next generation of engineering leaders and contributing to the advancement of the engineering industry in Pakistan. NUTECH extends its gratitude to the Pakistan Engineering Council for organizing the expo and providing an opportunity for universities to showcase their engineering innovations. The university remains dedicated to furthering its mission of driving technological advancement and making meaningful contributions to the field of engineering.

NUTECH Launches Alumni Association to Connect Graduates and Management

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) is proud to announce the official launch of its Alumni Association, aimed at fostering a strong and enduring relationship between the university and its graduates. The launching ceremony took place on 18th Jan 2024 at the university campus and was attended by honorable Rector, Lt Gen Moazam Ejaz HI (M) (Retd), distinguished guests, faculty members, alumni, and fellow students. The formation of the Alumni Association comes as a result of the recent graduation of the 2018 and 2019 batches of students, who have now entered professional fields. Recognizing the importance of staying connected to its alumni and providing support for their ongoing success, NUTECH has taken this significant step to establish the Alumni Association.

“We are thrilled to be here today to give practical shape to this idea of an alumni association,” said the honorable Rector, Lt Gen Moazam Ejaz HI (M) (Retd). “The graduating community and the university’s management are equally excited to have this platform to stay connected and support each other in our respective endeavors.”

The ceremony saw the presence of several prominent figures including the DG Skill, DG NORIC, Pro-Rector, and other members of the university’s leadership. The event was a celebration of the strong bond between the university and its alumni, as well as a commitment to provide ongoing support and guidance to the graduates as they embark on their professional journeys. The Alumni Association of NUTECH aims to create a thriving network of graduates, providing opportunities for mentorship, professional development, and networking. It will serve as a platform for alumni to engage with each other, give back to the university, and contribute to the growth and development of the NUTECH community.

Lecture on Leadership Skills

In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, leadership skills training is of paramount importance to students as it equips them with the essential tools and mindset needed for success in both academic and real-world scenarios. Beyond the traditional academic curriculum, leadership skills play a pivotal role in shaping individuals into effective communicators, problem solvers, and collaborators. These skills are not only crucial for personal development but also for future career endeavors, as employers increasingly seek individuals with strong leadership capabilities. Investing in leadership skills training for students is an investment in their future success and the betterment of society as a whole. In this regard DSL arranged a lecture on “Leadership Skills: Empowering Students for Future” on Tuesday 02 January, 2024. Students were educated about different leaderships skills and how to develop them.