NUTECH and SSST Establish Academic Cooperation to Foster Scholarly Exchange program

National University of Technology (NUTECH) and Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance academic collaboration and promote scholarly exchange between the two institutions. The MoU aims to establish a foundation for academic cooperation in various domains, including higher education, skills development, and research. The institutions will collaborate on joint industry projects and products, facilitating the development of advanced technologies such as Information & Communication Technology, Biomedical Technology, Nanotechnology, and Industrial Automation. NUTECH and SSST will work together to nurture the growth of skilled professionals in areas of mutual interest, promoting capacity-building through the exchange of professors and research scholars. The institutions will focus on the development of state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, and academic programs at NUTECH, creating an enriching environment for students and faculty. The MoU between NUTECH and SSST will remain valid for a period of five years from the last signature date below. Any amendments or renewals to this agreement will be decided through joint discussions and formalized in writing, signed by both institutions.This academic collaboration embodies a strong commitment to promoting academic excellence, research innovation, and international cooperation.

Mr. Paolo Londero, First Secretary of the EU Delegation to Pakistan visited NUTECH, Briefed on the EU Erasmus + Project ACTIVE

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) was honored to welcome Mr. Paolo Londero, First Secretary of the European Union Delegation to Pakistan, who overseas Erasmus project funding’s and scholarships in the country. Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz (R), the Rector of NUTECH, warmly received Mr. Paolo and discussed potential future collaboration between the European Union and NUTECH.

During his visit to NUTECH , Mr Londero was briefed about the university about NUTECH’s innovation endeavors , academic achievements , and dedication to environmental sustainability. The visit also included an enlightening presentation by project manager and project lead Engr . Dr. Marium Jalal Chaudhry who provided insights into NUTECH’s participation in the Project ACTIVE, funded by the European Union ERASMUS+ CBHE, aims to harness information and communication tools for innovative climate change solution. The EU representative met with the project ACTIVE team, fostering discussions and sharing ideas to further propel the project’s mission. Mr. Londero’s visit underscores the strong partnership between NUTECH and the European Union, particularly within the context of the Erasmus programs. If further reinforces the ongoing efforts to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between Pakistan and Europe, with NUTECH at the forefront of academic excellence and innovation.

NUTECH Empowers Faculty through Knowledge Sharing

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (NORIC) arranged a Faculty Development Seminar, emphasizing the importance of empowering faculty members to unlock opportunities for research and funding.

Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar, Associate Professor of NUTECH School of Applied Sciences and Humanities (NUSASH), led an engaging discussion on “Empowering Faculty through Project Writing: Unlocking Opportunities for Research & Funding.” Her presentation aimed to equip faculty members with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the realm of research project development. Dr. Faiza not only outlined the particulars of project writing but also provided practical insights into creating budget sheets tailored to national grants, including NRPU (National Research Program for Universities) and PSF (Pakistan Science Foundation) opportunities.

Continuing the seminar’s theme of faculty empowerment, Engr. Dr. Mariyam Jalal Chaudhary, Associate Professor, Project Lead European Union Project ACTIVE engaged the audience with a comprehensive and insightful presentation on the intriguing subject of “Writing a Successful International Grant Proposal” and International Funding Opportunities.” Her presentation explored the art of crafting winning grant proposals, offering valuable insights into best practices and common pitfalls. Dr. Chaudhary’s wealth of experience and her emphasis on the essentials of proposal writing left a lasting impact, motivating faculty members to actively participate in research initiatives and elevate their academic pursuits. She also dilated upon international opportunities, particularly highlighting the significance of Erasmus funding and encouraged faculty members to actively participate in such initiatives to elevate their research output.

Engr. Dr. Awais Yasin, Associate Professor from the Computer Engineering Department, inspired the audience with his insights on “Research and Development Projects for Local Industries – Ideas and Opportunities.” With unwavering enthusiasm, he encouraged the participants to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity. Dr. Yasin’s talk revolved around the vital role of faculty members in advancing research not only for academic purposes but also for the betterment of local industries. He shared examples of innovative projects that have successfully bridged academia and industry, highlighting how academic research can directly benefit local businesses. Dr. Yasin urged participants to get involved in the ‘National Idea Bank’ contest and champion startup ventures. He provided guidance on contest participation and shared the evaluation criteria, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit among faculty members. His talk served as a catalyst for further discussions on the practical applications of research within the academic community.

With a seamless transition, Air Commodore Muhammad Sohail, Director Office for Research, Innovation, and Commercializationemphasized the role of ORIC in nurturing a research-friendly environment within the institution. He encouraged faculty members to meet the criteria established by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and actively contribute to the research landscape of the institution.

To wrap up the seminar, Mr. Haris Aziz, DAD NORIC,presented the “HEC ORIC Scorecard,” underlining the importance of generating impactful research for academic excellence. His presentation served as a concluding note, emphasizing the institute’s full support for researchers and faculty members in their research endeavors.

The Faculty Development Seminar at NUTECH exemplified the university’s dedication to foster a culture of research, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, advancing its commitment to excellence in education and research while actively supporting Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 9 which are related to ‘Quality Education’ and ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, respectively. By empowering faculty members and promoting research initiatives that align with SDG 4 and 9, NUTECH is taking meaningful steps toward building a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Pakistan First University for Industry NUTECH is ready to create an industrial revolution

National University of Technology has achieved a significant milestone. The Karachi campus of Pakistan’s first University for Industry NUTECH is ready to create an industrial revolution. The Karachi Chamber of Commerce signed an MoU for strategic partnership project with NUTECH Karachi Campus According to which ten billion rupees will be given to NUTECH Karachi Campus. NUTECH Karachi Campus is going to usher in a new era of growth and prosperity in Pakistan. According to the Memorandum of Understanding, NUTECH Karachi Campus will quadruple Pakistan’s exports, provide manpower to sixteen industries. The Rector NUTECH General R Moazzam Ijaz, Pro Rector Major General R Khalid Javed and Registrar NUTECH Brigadier Adnan Qasim participated in the event held at Karachi Chamber of Commerce. The Rector of NUTECH Gen R Moazzam Ijaz says that NUTECH has acquired fifty acres of land to establish the Karachi campus. The campus will prepare manpower in all fields of information technology through short courses, which can be used nationally and internationally. NUTECH has entered into agreements with domestic and international organizations for manpower supply. NUTECH has started sending the youth to Japan by training them. Germany also needs seven million manpower. NUTECH is empowering the youth by training them to get employment. The president of Karachi Chamber Iftikhar Ahmed Sheikh, other office bearers and President of Businessmen Group Zubair Motiwala addressed the event. Zubair Motiwala said that NUTECH Karachi Campus will be a significant step towards industrial development and economic development by empowering local industries to reduce imports and increase exports. Educated and skilled Pakistan is the guarantee of development. Universities have become even more important to meet the needs of the industry.

Visit of HEC for Registration of NORIC

On September 12, 2023, a delegation from the Higher Education Commission (HEC), led by Ms. Noshaba Awais, Director of the Research & Innovation Division (R&ID), paid a visit to the NUTECH Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (NORIC) for the purpose of registering NORIC with HEC. During visit, the HEC team received a comprehensive briefing on NORIC’s functionality and subsequently conducted a detailed tour of the NORIC office. At the conclusion of the visit, the Rector NUTECH expressed gratitude to the visitors for their invaluable support in advancing research, innovation, and commercialization efforts at NUTECH. Consequent to this successful visit, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) formally recognized NUTECH Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (NORIC).

NUTECH, GIKI, and NED Collaborate to Revolutionize Technology Education

In a historic move aimed at transforming technology education, National University of Technology (NUTECH), Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIKI), and NED University of Engineering and Technology have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This partnership seeks to enhance the quality and relevance of technical education while fostering industry integration and innovation.

The primary objective of this alliance is to propel the participating institutions towards global recognition by generating highly skilled human resources in line with industry demands. By combining their expertise and resources, NUTECH, GIKI, and NED are poised to make significant contributions to the technological landscape.

Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day Celebrations

NUTECH commemorated Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day on the 14th of August 2023 with fervour and enthusiasm. The event featured a series of patriotic activities that captured the essence of the nation’s history and spirit. The ceremony began with one-minute silence followed by flag hoisting and singing of the National Anthem parallel to a live National broadcast, symbolizing unity and freedom. Students showcased their patriotism through eloquent speeches and singing National songs. Along with the NUTECH students, Children of Faculty members also took an active part in the celebrations that added further colours to the event. Their participation included heartfelt renditions of national songs, speeches and a drawing competition giving out their artistic expression on the theme of independence. The event culminated with the distribution of certificates by the Dean of Student Life to acknowledge participants’ efforts and at the end, the cake-cutting ceremony was held.

Open House & Job Fair 2023

National University of Technology (NUTECH) held its 2nd “Open House & Job Fair 2023” on 04 August 2023, connecting graduating students with 90 leading companies from various sectors like Corporate, Engineering, IT, Banking, and Research & Development. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives, was the esteemed Chief Guest, joined by dignitaries from Industry and Armed Forces. The event emphasized industry-academia collaboration to strengthen the economy. Students showcased capstone projects, interacted with CEOs, and gained insights into corporate requirements. The event facilitated employer-student interaction, aided fresh graduates in securing positions in renowned organizations and contributed to Pakistan’s economic growth.

Visit by Dr. Director of Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) Islamabad Mr. Francesco Zatta

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) Director Mr. Francesco Zatta along with Dr. Saira Ahmed Consultant AICS visited NUTECH on 26th July 2023. The AICS team had a detailed meeting with Rector NUTECH Lt Gen (R) Moazzam Ejaz, HI(M) along with other officers and faculty members from NUTECH. Registrar Brig Dr Adnan Qasim briefed the visiting AICS team about NUTECH. Both sides discussed about possibilities of cooperation between the two organizations. The visiting team was also given a complete tour of the campus during which they visited various labs and interacted with faculty, staff and students.

Saya School Delegation Visits NUTECH

A team from Saya School consisting of students, teachers and Principal visited NUTECH and saw the Skills programs bring run at NUTECH. The team was welcomed by Rector Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz (Retd) on arrival who emphasised the importance of Skills training. The students showed keen interest in Skills courses during the visit.