Profiles of Deans

Dr. Suhail Akhtar (Dean UG)
  1. PhD Flight Dynamics & Control , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  2. MS Aerospace Engineering, Unversity of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA
  3. DEA Control Systems, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France
  4. BE Avionics, Collge of Aeronautical Engineering, NUST, Pakistan

  1. Control Design for 6 DOF shaker table
  2. Design of Adaptive Force Control system for Hydraulic Sheet Metal Etching Machine
  3. Adaptive Disturbance Rejection Controller Design for USAF Airborne Laser
  4. Controller Design and Performance Validation of Rockwell Collins Tailwind 300
  5. MISHKA UAV flight control Design
  6. Design of Flight Control System for a MK-83 Range Extension Kit
  7. Post stall, Spin Dynamics and Design of Recovery Procedure for of a fighter Aircraft
  8. Consultant on Flight Control Design for Next Generation Fighter Aircraft (NGFA)