DSL Office


The Office of the Dean of Student Life (DSL) aims at nurturing a sense of community on the Campus in which students build lasting and healthy relationships based on the principles of moral and ethical conduct; respect for their own self and their peers; and promote positive change in their alma mater. The office conceives and organizes co-curricular, extra-curricular and recreational activities for students within and beyond the campus. The office of Dean of Student Life is committed to guide and support students to achieve the desired goals and objectives, set by the university. In close liaison with students, faculty members and various directorates /offices, the office of Dean of Students Life cultivates integrity, commitment, character and respect amongst students. The office of Dean of Student Life envisions, plans and organizes student-oriented activities to help them develop their personalities in all dimensions. The office plans, organizes, develops and supervising activities that enable students to realize their fullest social and personal talents.