Dr Syed Adnan Qasim
PhD Mechanical Engineering
(Engine Tribology Design)

Dr Syed Hassan Farooq
PhD Civil Engineering (Structures)

Dr Sajid Bashir
PhD Computer Engineering
(Communication Systems and Signal Processing)

Dr Abdul Razzaque
PhD Information Technology
(Cyber Security & AI)

Dr Raees Ahmed Siddiqui
PhD System Engineering
(Embedded Systems, DSP and IT)

Dr Muhammad Salman
PhD Electrical Engineering
(Signal Processing, Embedded Systems and Communication)

Mr Naveed Shahzad
MPhil (Physical Chemistry)
PhD Scholar (Physical Chemistry)

Mr Waqar Ahmed
MS Mechanical Engineering
(Engineering Materials)

Mr Zahid Munir
MS Civil Engineering (Structures)
MS (Project Management)
MS (Art and Science of Warfare)

Mr Ehsan Ullah
MS Mechatronics Engineering (Digital Image Processing)
PhD Scholar (Biomedical Signal Processing)

Mr Muhammad Amjad
MS Civil Engineering (Transportation)

Mr Jamal Abdul Nasir
MS Civil Engineering (Transportation)

NOTE: Process for hiring of highest standard faculty to maintain the academic quality at NUTECH is in pipeline. The list of the faculty will be updated accordingly