Minister of Federal Education & Professional Training visit to National University of Technology (NUTECH)

March 28, 2019

Mr Shafqat Mahmood, Minister of Federal Education & Professional Training visited National University of Technology (NUTECH) on 28th March 2019. Lieutenant General Khalid Asghar (Retd), Rector and team of NUTECH welcomed the honorable guest. Briefing about NUTECH vision, mission, objectives, curriculum and education methodology was given to the honorable minister. Rector highlighted the needs of our industry and roadmap how NUTECH aims to fulfill these needs.
The Education Minister, after the briefing, visited the NUTECH campus and inaugurated the NUTECH Skills Testing Centre. This centre will play a vital role in building individuals skills capacity and their testing. Later, he addressed the faculty, support staff and students of NUTECH and CTTI. He appreciated efforts of Rector to attain such high standards in a short span and emphasized need of such Universities for Pakistan. He also applauded NUTECH role in developing well-trained technical workforce. Lastly, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood stressed that human capital is our real strength and conjointly efforts will help Pakistani youth in building new nation.
Apart from Minister, Mrs. Yasmeen Masood, Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology, Major General (R) Akbar Saeed Awaan, Chairman NTC, Dr. Arshad Mehmood Additional Finance Secretary and Mr. Naeem Siddiqui, DG NAVTTC also attended the event.

Rector's Address to NUTECH students

March 21, 2019

Rector NUTECH addressed students on 21th march, 2019. It was the second formal address to all NUTECH students. Rector stressed upon university rules and regulations including attendance policy, moral values, ethics, dressing code and class punctuality. He appraised the students about the facilities which will be provided in near future i.e. merit and need based scholarships, students exchange programs with international universities, labs and library facilities. NUTECH builds with the vision to create leaders of technology and leaders of industry who can innovate, implement technologies and are leaders of character. At the end, the Rector advised students to work hard for achieving their goals and accomplish their mission in line with the vision of NUTECH

Breakout Session by Youth Parliament at NUTECH

March 21, 2019

Breakout session of conference on climate change COY2 Pakistan was held at NUTECH on 21 March, 2019. Mr. Rizwan Jaffar, founder chairman of Youth Parliament and private TV anchor (Ajj TV) headed this session and invited speaker's delivered speeches on climate change impacts on human life. As chief guest, Rector appreciated the efforts of Youth Parliament which is actively engaged in promoting the noble cause of climate change issue. Rector also offered them to utilize NUTECH for establishing their Islamabad office and also gave permission to conduct TV show with NUTECH students. Furthermore, next IAP (independent activity project) week will be dedicated to climate change and students will bring new ideas and strategies that beneficial in future. This Youth Parliament collaboration will promote NUTECH and its program among its members and across the country. They will also establish "Youth Technology Council" by utilizing NUTECH as the platform of the council to create links of our students with the national industry and entrepreneurs in future.

Turkish Company CEO visits NUTECH

March 19, 2019

GEDIK company CEO Mr. Mustafa from Turkey visited NUTECH on 19th March, 2019. The Rector welcomed and briefed about the NUTECH mission and education system, which focuses on creating technology leaders who create, innovate and implement solutions to industry problems. GEDIK CEO gave detailed briefing on the GEDIK company, Istanbul GEDIK university structure, its welding factory and casting and valve factory. He shared that GEDIK welding also contributes to the advancement of welding science and technology via R&D projects carried out in collaboration with Istanbul GEDIK university. Further, the non-profit organization, GEDIK Educational Foundation also conducts various internationally-recognized welding education, training and certification programmes. Discussion points comprised of future alliance work plans about students exchange programs, faculty trainings and the establishment of welding labs. Both the parties also showed interest in future partnership collaboration in mechanical, robotic, electrical and welding fields. At the end, Rector thanked the honorable guest and presented souvenir.

Karachi based Industrialists visits NUTECH

March 18, 2019

Industrialists from Karachi based industries visited NUTECH on 18 March, 2019. The Rector welcomed and briefed about the NUTECH scope, which focuses on creating technology leaders who create, innovate and implement solutions to industry problems. Discussion points comprised future alliance work plans to build and strengthen the relationship between industry and academia. Industry representatives showed keen interest to collaborate with NUTECH to produce skill-oriented individuals for Pakistan industries in future. They also appreciated the NUTECH structure and its vision that focuses on capacity building by creating an innovative set-up for future high-tech fields to meet future industry needs. NUTECH and industrialists agreed to work together to promote industry skills and technology by establishing strong links with industries. At the end, Rector thanked the honorable guests and presented souvenirs to the guests.

University of Utah delegation visits NUTECH

March 11, 2019

National University of Technology (NUTECH) hosted representatives from The University of Utah. Recognized as a Top-Tier 1 research university, the UU continues to develop ground breaking research on local, national and international levels. In addition to the diverse research portfolio, the institution is also a catalyst for growth in technology and innovation, creating over 280 spin-out companies from the university's inventions and technologies. The University of Utah delegation visit to NUTECH is the continuation of their efforts to achieve global research partnerships with strategic partners like NUTECH. While on the NUTECH campus, the representatives participated in detailed briefings and discussions to endorse the areas of mutual cooperation/collaboration identified on the basis of their previous visit to NUTECH in December 2018. They also discussed a plan-of-action for future collaboration such as integrated water management technology degree program, exchange of sandwich program, curriculum development and reforms, faculty training and internship programs. At the end, Rector thanked the honorable guests with the hope of strengthening this partnership in the coming days.

Independent Activity Project (IAP) week 2019 ends at NUTECH

March 08, 2019

NUTECH first independent activity project (IAP) week planned during semester break was completed on 8th March, 2019. It was a four-week activity period during which students were encouraged to set their own educational agendas, pursue independent projects and interact with faculty. All members of the NUTECH community including faculty were free to introduce innovative educational experiments as IAP activities with the aim at sharing a particular talent, expertise or interest with others at the university. During these four weeks, each student did one creative, one industrial and one non-graded project. Rector NUTECH visited different projects stalls and interacted with the students. He appreciated the effort of students in attainting such wonderful achievements within four weeks of IAP. He praised the student's projects and encouraged them to polish and pursue them as their final degree projects. At the end, Rector distributed the prizes to the best student's projects.
IAP was conducted with a larger aim to ensure that students are not intellectually confined to their particular technology areas. Students underwent cross training, working on projects which were based on core concepts from technologies offered by other departments. This knowledge base will go a long way, contributing positively in their careers as future technology leaders and entrepreneurs. The NUTECH provided all possible material, technical, intellectual and financial support to their students to enable them to work freely, confidently and independently on the project activities of their choice.

Meeting with Chairman HIT and DICE foundation team at NUTECH

March 07, 2019

Chairman Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) alongwith his team and Chairman Distinguished Innovation Collaboration and Entrepreneurship (DICE) foundation, USA Dr. Khursheed Qureshi and President Dr. Saeed Ellahi visited NUTECH. Registrar gave meticulous briefing on vision, mission and education system of NUTECH. Dr. Khursheed briefed about the DICE foundation vision and how they are collaborating with different academia, industry and Government institutions across Pakistan since 2007. The agenda is to bring prosperity to Pakistan through innovation, entrepreneurship and local product development. He also gave details about several innovation platforms they are investing in, such as automotive, energy & water, health, textile, information & enabling technology, agriculture & food sciences and creative art & media. Mutual collaboration strategies related to automobile sector were discussed in detail. NUTECH, HIT and DICE agreed on mutual collaboration for innovations and technologies, share knowledge for the rapid development of innovative products, necessary for the country's socio - economic development.

TPL Maps Company CEO visits NUTECH

March 07, 2019

Digital transformation and technology expert, Mr. Adnan Shahid, chief executive officer (CEO) of TPL Maps company visited NUTECH on 7th March, 2019. He shared his experience of studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his entrepreneurship experience with students, faculty and supporting staff. He delivered lecture on "The Power of Where - Building Location Based Services for Digital Pakistan". The purpose of such event during student's independent activity period (IAP) was to mentor NUTECH young minds and challenge them to draw inspiration through which they should be able to make a difference in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Pak Swizz Training Center (PSTC) Director visits NUTECH

March 06, 2019

Syed Nadeem Gohar, director of Pak- Swizz Training Center Karachi, visited NUTECH on 6th march, 2019. He briefed about Pak-Swizz Training Center diploma and short professional courses offered to the students. Pak-Swizz Training Center delegates showed interest in affiliating with NUTECH and discussed the support required to upgrade their training center educational system for enhancement of student technical skills and trainings. In the future, NUTECH hopes to affiliate Pak-Swiss Training Center (PSTC) as pilot project under its umbrella and will support them in enhancing their students' technical skills capabilities.

FinTech group Managing Director visits NUTECH

March 01, 2019

Mr Nadeem Mujtaba representative of FinTech group visited NUTECH and shared the business idea about digital export initiative with NUTECH. He discussed about how to leverage the digital opportunity key operational initiatives by giving detailed briefing about skills supplier ecosystem. The discussion encompassed technology categories for skills enhancement, limitations of Pakistan's tertiary education system, skills delivery mechanism risks and mitigation, national campaign to reposition tech profession and financing and revenue generation infrastructure. At the end, Rector presented souvenir to respected guest.