NUTECH Provides input to Federal Government in the form of Concept Paper on Establishment of NUTECH Global Technologies and Engineering Complex.

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) is a federally chartered university, established as a pioneer ‘University for Industry’ to create, develop, implement and promote technologies through world’s best practices of academia-industry linkages. NUTECH curricula and academic systems are based on the best international practices of world’s leading technology universities. The engineering and technology programs of NUTECH are aligned with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

NUTECH has been tasked to study and formulate strategic plans for developing, existing and emerging technologies and skills related to the industries at Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin and Wazirabad (SGGMW) with special focus on surgical and bio-medical industry, sports industry, leather & products industry, electrical appliances industry, industrial machinery manufacturing industry, furniture industry, cutlery industry, plastics, household utensils, glassware and crockery industry.

The innovative technologies have resulted in fourth industrial revolution (Industry-4.0). Academia-Industry linkages coupled with emerging technologies have reduced the product development cycle time. In Pakistan, there is no apparent linkage between our society, universities and industry. Our 60-65 percent population comprises of less than 30 years old. If this youth bulk is converted into highly skilled workforce, then there exist an opportunity for industry to grow swiftly thereby minimizing the risk of socio-economic problems that come with high level of unemployment. The workforce presently working in the industrial arena at SGGMW has been trained using old methodologies, which not only hold them back from self- improvement but also decelerates the industrial uplift.

To bridge the existing technological gap, a hi-tech engineering, technology and skills based regional campus of NUTECH is essentially required for the industrial work force at different industries of SGGMW. NUTECH has envisioned a Special Education Economic Zone (SEEZ) for the technological uplift through academia- industry linkages as per best international practices for the industrial sector under discussion.