End of 20th century has seen a significant reduction in the time space between innovations from science and technology. The consumers’ expectations from the industry has led to the establishment of in-house R&D setups directly feeding their production line. In turn, a void is created in the quality of the product from the academic institutions and the recruiting standards set by the industry. The awareness has been there and numerous models are globally practiced by deviating from the classical teaching methodologies. Now, the leaners undergoing technical education need specialized grooming in order to meet upcoming disruptive technologies. Vision statement of National University of Technology (NUTECH) promises a technical force that shall be skillful, independent and also the potential entrepreneurs. This requires an ecosystem that will nurture the experiential learning of the students while also infusing theoretical education.


To build NUSIT as a development-intensive institute in order to promote sound technological education with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.


The curriculum introduced in NUTECH is designed to provide the desired balance between theory and practice. Primary objective is to provide an exposure that ensures simultaneous focus on developing theoretical concepts, imparting analytical ability and inculcating practical skills towards problem resolution. The academic initiatives in NUTECH relevant to IT/ CS comprise of the following:

  • Undergraduate program in IT/ CS
  • Short duration skills development programs
  • Post Graduate Studies
  • This structure of IT initiatives requires specialized human expertise and an elaborate lab infrastructure that is well resourced for practical work. The NUTECH School of IT (NUSIT) operates under the NUTECH umbrella and facilitate
  • NUTECH IT Department
  • NUTECH Incubation Center
  • NUTECH Center of IT
  • These subcomponents of NUSIT in that order cater for providing degree programs in IT and CS, platform to engage students in developing bucket applications for market consumers and trainings in market driven technologies and short duration certification programs for professionals alongside advanced services in selected IT domains.

    NUTECH Incubation Center

    NUTECH incubation center will train the students to develop cutting edge mobile applications and games. These applications are marketed on the online platforms and the revenue generated from is distributed as per the NUTECH policy.