NUTECH School of Engineering Technologies (NUSET)


  • Establishment of knowledge hub to breed, harbor and cherish existing, emerging and future engineering technologies for local and global industry.
  • Creation, development, management and promotion of promising technologies through continuous research and development, to transform local industry into state-of-the-art value added exports based enterprises at the international level.
  • To produce innovative technology leaders of character and solution providers of complex technology based challenges confronting the local and global industry.
  • To produce sustained engineering technologies driven models of progress and prosperity beneficial for the society and humanity.
  • Mission – Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Technology)

    The mission of Civil Technology program is to develop highly competent engineers in Civil Technology for employment in civil technology positions, entrepreneurship and further graduate studies. The department is dedicated to providing a learning environment conducive to team work, communication, and leadership skills. The department will be nurturing intellectual growth and grooming of our students so that they become industrial leaders of character, having requisite problem-solving skills.

    Mission – Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Technology)

    The mission of Mechanical Technology program is to provide students an education and grooming, leading to a career in Mechanical Technology as leaders of character. The department is dedicated to fostering a culture of educational excellence, research, student involvement, and intimate connection with the industry. The department aims at developing problem-solving skills in the students enabling them to solve industrial problems and innovate technologies of future.

    Mission – Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Technology)

    The mission of the Electrical Technology program is to provide quality education and grooming for its students, assisting them in becoming leaders of character for the industry and society. The department is devoted to creating and maintaining a professional development environment conducive to learning and research, for its faculty and students. The department prepares students to respond to the industrial needs & challenges and provide them the requisite knowledge, skills and creativity for solving industrial problems and innovating technologies of future.

    Mission – Associate Degree (Quantity Surveying)

    The mission of Quantity Surveying program is to impart necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to the students, making them competent and professional registered practicing Quantity Surveyors and Construction Managers. The students are educated and groomed to be effective leaders of character in their field. This qualification is designed to develop the students into efficient project managers.