NUTECH Technology Labs (NUTL)

A unique feature of NUTECH is the establishment of existing, emerging and future technologies driven labs system at NUTECH. NUTL systems are planned and designed in line with the best international practices of world’s leading technology universities at USA and West Europe. NUTL systems are created with a view to achieve the following:-

  • Design and development of technology based experimentation, experiment support systems, instrumentation and gadgetry as part of NUTECH curriculum.
  • Prepare the undergraduate and graduate students to become innovative and creative minds through NUTL based experiments driven industrial projects.
  • Establish strong academic support based professional and corporate relationship with the local and international industry.
  • Development of NUTL labs as the hubs of state-of-the-art technology incubation centers through innovative projects of NUTECH Technology Research Groups (NTRGs).
  • Sustained intellectual research support and technology exchange with technology researchers, national scientific labs and R&D organizations through active collaborations.