Associate Degree Program

Imparting basic knowledge of fundamental engineering technology aspects related to industrial processes through proof-of-concept and application-based hands-on training. Existing technologies based knowledge absorption and management learning and developing the ability for technology-driven industrial processes performance monitoring and regulation efficiently.

Undergraduate Degree Program

Best international academic practices based indepth knowledge acquisition of existing, emerging and future engineering technologies. Development, implementation and promotion of existing and emerging state-of-the-art technologies based entrepreneurship and business modeling. Production of potential knowledge creators and learners of emerging and future technologies, leaders and principals of national and international industry.

Master Degree Program

Acquisition of advanced knowledge through graduate education and research in engineering technology. Production of emerging industrial technologies developers, industrial process transformation experts and systems designers. Preparation for business models development of emerging complex technologies and entrepreneurship. Produce innovative leadership of emerging technologies in industry.

PhD Program

State-of-the-art academic research for innovation, design and development of new and emerging technologies for industry and society. Internationally acclaimed technology leadership par excellence for exports driven industrial systems and processes. Development of efficient and competitive technology support systems for local and global industry through international quality research.