Examination Weightage

Theory Subjects

Type of Assessment Weightage(%)
Homework assignments:
Up to 2 CH subject = 4 (min)
More than 2 CH subject =6 (min)
Min 2X Quizzes/ CH  of a subject
(e.g  Min 4x quizzes  for 2 CH subject
·    Mid-Term Exam 25-30*
·    Project/ Problem Based Learning Activities Upto-20
·    Final Exam 40-50
* For courses that do not have a mid-term and project, weightages can be adjusted with the approval of HoD.


Type of Assessment Weightage(%)
·    Rubric based Assessment in affective domain 15
·    Open Ended Lab 10
·    Rubric based assessment of Lab Report. 60% marks for initial lab and 40 % marks for final lab report. 25
·    Assessment of cognitive and psychomotor domain through Mid Semester Examination 20
·    Assessment of cognitive and psychomotor domain through End Semester  Examination 30
*There will be minimum of 8 labs

Industry Process Learning Projects

Type of Assessment Weightage(%)
·    Project report 20-30
·    Conduct during visit (Rubric Based Assessment) 20-30
·    Performance in seminar (Rubric Based Assessment)
·    Team-Work, Interest, Communication Skills, Comprehension of Concepts
·    Quiz (One for each visit) 15-20