NORIIC Office Structure

NORIIC’s sub-offices are designed for the direct support of industry forming strong academic linkage of NUTECH with the industry and national R& D Organizations. The sub-offices on one side benefit the academia in realizing the problems faced by the industry, while on the other hand, industry will absorb latest technologies which will be developed to improve industrial manufacturing processes NORIIC sub offices are as follows:

  • Industry Policy Pursuance Cell
  • Industrialization Office
  • Internationalization Office
  • Commercialization Office
  • Defense Production Industry Office
  • National Services Support Office
  • Student Employment and Placement Office

Framework to cater Industry Problems’ Solution

To develop national industry ‘Systematic Approach’ for NUTECH-Industry collaboration is considered essential so as to make such relationship permanent feature of NUTECH academics, research and support systems. As part of its efforts to develop such system of industry support on permanent basis, NORIIC has created various NUTECH-Industry Joint Collaboration Forums (NIJCF) which are designed to act as relevant platforms for the solution of all industry based and technology driven issues. These range from industry policies to technology research projects, industry labs development, technical advising and industry-needed technical and vocational skills. Following are the five key forums

  • NUTECH-Industry Coordination Forum (NICF).   
  • NUTECH-Industry Policies Forum (NIPF).
  • NUTECH-Industry Technology Development Forum (NITDF).   
  • NUTECH-Industry Labs & Projects Forums (NILPF)
  • NUTECH-Industry Skills Development Forum (NISDF).  

Ongoing Activities

  1. Framework for Industry Project Execution and Commercialization at NUTECH
  2. Entrepreneurship – Startup Policy
  3. Karachi Symposium 2021
  4. Establishment of Configuration Management
  5. NUTECH Quarterly National and International Webinars