• NUTECH is the first chartered technology university of Pakistan for “National and Global Industry”. It is established as an independent degree awarding institution to address the challenges posed by rapid advances in science, engineering and technology.
  • At NUTECH we believe that professional competence in the creation, design, development, implementation, promotion and management of existing, emerging and future technologies is best fostered by coupling classroom teaching, research with practical lab and industry projects work and focusing attention on real-world problems.
  • At NUTECH innovative teaching and technology research become the “Way of Life” with relevance to the practical world as a guiding principle.
  • To establish strong relationship with the practical world, NUTECH offers academic courses in all disciplines with direct relevance, application and practical opportunities for the students to practice their concepts in terms of implementation, at the relevant industries.
  • NUTECH introduces the culture of undergraduate technology research communities in line with the best international practices of world’s top ranking technology universities.
  • On-Campus strong academic technology research groups and interdisciplinary composite technology research groups provide the foundation for innovative learning and technology driven research at NUTECH.
  • To address the complex challenges of technology in a comprehensive manner, NUTECH has designed teaching courses with their content similar to that being taught at the world’s top rankling technology Universities at USA and Europe.
  • NUTECH is the pioneer University in Pakistan, which has successfully coupled basic and applied technology sciences and integrated them with the creative social sciences to produce genuine and unique industry leaders of technology.
  • NUTECH offers unique engineering technology learning programs like industrial project based learning communities for Freshmen (1st Year), undergraduate technology practice opportunities program (UTPOP) for ‘Sophomores’ (2nd Year), undergraduate technology leadership Program in Industry for the ‘Juniors’ (3rd Year) and Undergraduate technology research opportunities program (UTROP) for the ‘Juniors’ and ‘Seniors’ (4th Year) to cultivate and support research partnerships between NUTECH faculty and undergraduates.