Office of Physical Education

Purpose of Sports Activities in NUTECH

  • The primary function of any university is academic pursuits but development of physical skills and fostering recreational needs of students and staff in promoting good physical and mental health are equally important in the University life.
  • Same should be the overarching purpose of creating Sports Outfit in the NUTECH.


  • To promote sportsmanship among students by planning, training & organizing games / sports in the University
  • More focus on participative sports rather than competitive sports
  • To introduce variety of Recreational, Adventurous and sports activities involving all students and faculty
  • Based upon HEC annual sports program, plan and execute various sports activities in order to prepare teams for participation at various levels
  • To organize Intra / Inter Discipline and Inter University sports competitions for the students

Exercise GYM – System/SOPs

  • Manual / computerized registration of new users irrespective of their background
  • Photograph of body parts to be focused
  • Interview covering his previous use of Gym and futuristic requirement
  • Maintaining record of each User
  • Preparation of Exercise and Diet Module
  • Photos at Termination of Gym course
  • Placing various Exercise Modules on NUTEH Website
  • On successful kick off, making it commercialized 
  • Presently SOPs covering Dos and Don’ts are pasted on Exercise Gym Entrance

Outdoor Sports Facilities

  • Cricket Ground                               
  • Futsal Ground                               
  • Badminton Court                            
  • Basketball Court                             
  • Volleyball Court                              
  • Tennis Court                                   
  • Athletics Field     
  • Open Gym                              


Scoring System

Total number of Points 8 Points
Qualifying Points 4 Points

Acquisition of Points

Learning 1 x Indoor & 1 x Outdoor Sports  4 Points (2 Each)
Participation in 1 x Indoor and 1 x Outdoor Sports at Varsity level competition 2 Points
(1 Each)
Participants at National and International Level in Team Sports 1 Point
Participation at National and International level representing as individual player 1 Point

To qualify, Female Students to learn and participate in 1 x Indoor Sport. Outdoor Sports are optional for them

Salients of Physical Education Policy

  • Physical education courses linked with degree
  • Inculcating skills to lead healthy and active lifestyle
  • Major Emphasis of development of skills
  • Skills to focus on fitness contributing towards individual and team Sports / Adventure activities
  • UGs entering NUTECH to take 4 physical education courses thereby earning 8 points
  • Initial physical education test on fall registration day
  • 4 points awarded for learning Sports and 4 points for participation in varsity level Sports
  • Time extension can be given to those not completing courses with in allotted time

Future Plan

Following activities are in the planning:

  • Annual Sports Gala – 3rd Week of December 2019.
  • A Sports of competition of a particular game among Students teams in each month
  • Friendly matches between Faculty Staff / Support Staff and Student teams to be held occasionally
  • Preparation  of NUTECH teams to participate in Inter University competitions of HEC / Olympiad
  • Conduct of Recreational / Adventure Trg activities as directed by Dean Student Life.