NUTECH Quality Assurance Department


NUTECH Academic Vision and NUTECH Quality Management System (NQMS) highlight need for establishment of a comprehensive system of regular academic audit, review, upgrade and improvement of learning, teaching and all tiers of knowledge system on the lines of best practices adopted by leading international academic institutions.

Role of NUTECH Quality Assurance Department (NUQAD) is to systematically implement and enhance quality standards of various processes associated with all tiers of knowledge eco-system of NUTECH while ensuring conformity with its vision, mission, objectives, HEC policies, best international practices and requirements of other regulatory bodies.

NUQAD major functions include following: -
  • Formulate and implement Quality Assurance Policies
  • Promote public confidence that quality standards of knowledge being imparted and processes being followed are safeguarded.
  • Ensure timely accomplishment of targets/tasks assigned by Quality Assurance Agencies.
  • Collect and provide university statistics / data for university rankings.
  • Develop procedures for academic audits, Institutional Performance Evaluation, feedback surveys, Yearly Progress Report, University Portfolio Report, Self-Assessment Reports etcetera.