NUTECH School of Applied Sciences & Humanities

NUTECH School of Applied Sciences and Humanities (NUSASH) aims at attaining excellence in learning, creative thinking, teaching and innovative research with a wide scope to fill the existing gaps in different fields of research and study. NUSASH is committed to impart quality education and instill important skills in our students to think, understand, analyze, apply, evaluate and attain knowledge. This will not only enhance their knowledge but definitely provide them an opportunity to lead a rewarding and successful life. NUSASH strives to teach and promote practical aspects of Applied Sciences and Humanities to build a solid foundation as an integral part of Engineering Technology Studies. The department targets at preparing students for core engineering subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Our goal is to prepare and equip our students with the creative potential so that they make significant contributions towards society in general and local and global industry in particular. The Department also aims at improving students’ communication skills, inter-personal skills and reasoning capabilities.


  • Providing students concept-based knowledge about Basic Sciences and Humanities.
  • Helping students develop their analytical and critical thinking skills through scientific and social phenomena.
  • Fostering curiosity and inquisitiveness amongst students to have in-depth knowledge of scientific facts and social developments.
  • Providing congenial environment for students to develop and improve their inter-personal and communication skills through modern research-based teaching methodologies.
  • Helping students obtain and imbibe basic civic sensibilities.
  • Encouraging students deepen their understanding of newly emerging challenges.
  • Maintaining high standard of teaching and learning through all sciences and humanities courses.
  • Preparing students once they are well-versed in a broad range of topics in sciences and humanities to be ready to shoulder their responsibilities in practical life.
  • Preparing students to play their active role in creating a better society.
  • Using technical, teamwork, and communication skills, along with leadership principles, to pursue their careers in Engineering Technologies like Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Information Technology.
  • Producing dynamic professionals, equipped with all required skills to meet the emerging needs of the time.
  • Engaging students in life-long learning through independent study and research in the unexplored areas based on their interest.