Chemistry Department

Welcome to the Chemistry Division of NUTECH School of Applied Sciences and Humanities at NUTECH!

Chemistry is a wide-ranging science that pertains to the important aspects of the building blocks of matter and its interaction and transformations. For engineering and science students, it is mandatory to understand the fundamentals of Chemistry, as it is everywhere from reactions happening in the core of the earth to the reactions in our body. By studying Chemistry, we seek to find tangible solutions to challenging problems and introduce innovations to the existing technologies. In industrial processes, chemical reactions play an important role to develop and synthesize materials of commercial significance and investigate further new possibilities for improving existing technologies. Many lifesaving products in the recent times have been the birthchild of chemists and engineers working hand in hand to develop lifesaving solutions to the challenges at the fore. By teaching Chemistry, we seek to enhance the thought process of the students by equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance their analysis and decision-making skills. 

At NUTECH we strive to impart theoretical knowledge of basic Chemistry complemented with the proof of concept in the labs and their industrial applications. Our topics of Chemistry have been deliberated upon very meticulously and have been chosen to build a basic understanding of the concepts and their application in a stepwise manner. Thus, we touch upon classical and quantum mechanics for interpreting atomic and molecular structures. The relationship between the atom and energy is illuminated upon while at the same time emphasizing the connections between Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. The periodicity of the periodic table is elucidated. The course also covers the basic concepts of electrochemistry and thermodynamics reflecting upon real world applications. Introduction to chemical kinetics, acid base equilibria and catalysis is also highlighted in the course.  Topics such as ozone depletion, water contamination, fossil fuel substitution by renewable energy and recycling of waste materials are also touched upon. We have a strong faculty dedicated to building an inclusive learning environment who also have the urge to explore divergent areas of research in electrochemistry, computational chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, nanomaterials as well as organic synthesis.


  • To develop a thorough and concrete understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of Chemistry and its specific applications linked to industries.
  • To prepare and equip our students with the creative potential so that they can make significant contributions towards society at local and global industries.
  • To hone the capabilities of students by imparting quality education and important skills of analysis along with reasoning capabilities.
  • To uphold and instill professional ethics in students