Research & Development

The Office of Dean of Research (DoR) supports the research and development (R & D) efforts of all faculty members and students of NUTECH. We provide mentorship for our new faculty members, facilitate and foster industrial collaboration, while identifying and disseminating research opportunities and collaborations.
Avowed as “University for Industry” we have been functioning as one accord with the industry to resolve and rectify their problems. Our researchers individually and collaboratively investigated a vast spectrum of interdisciplinary research at the cutting edge of engineering and technology with unabridged support of university management. We are already set in motion with Industrial grade ICU ventilator, 3D printer and an X-Ray system. The research programs are focused on finding burgeoning knowledge, and integrating them with the various thriving métier of technologies.
Our faculty members’ excellence in the research is demonstrated by the quality of their published articles, books, patents and conference presentations. Therefore, it has led to our participation in several national level projects as well as research partnerships with industries.
Our upcoming research centers will bring together faculty, graduate students and industries to pursue joint ventures in research and development of technologies through world-class education in science engineering, technology, other technologies, other areas of scholarship, professional certifications, technical & vocational skills.