NUTL Teaching Labs


NUTECH Undergraduate Technology labs (NUTL) is a unique concept derived from world’s leading technology universities like MIT.  Under this arrangement, all the labs in a university join hands to make a collective resource to further research and development along with fulfilling academic requirements.

Establishment of NUTL

Since 2018, NUTL in coordination with teaching departments has been working diligently for establishing the teaching labs for engineering programmes.  Almost all teaching labs required to run four engineering (Electrical Mechanical, Civil, Computer), Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence programs alongside Basic Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) have been completed.  During the establishment phase, a lot of efforts have been made to select the state of the art equipment with full capabilities and accessories.  Till now approximately 1.12 Billion rupees have been spent for purchase of lab equipment.  To house these equipment, customized lab infrastructure has also been developed.