Why NUTL- A Separate Setup

National University of Technology (NUTECH) is established to create, develop and promote technologies for the industry, hence the university laboratories have been developed on the lines of leading universities around the world.  NUTECH is also designed to do applied industry focused research and generate solutions, which is only possible through a dynamic and vibrant academic, research and intellectual support infrastructure based system of technology labs.  Therefore, the technology labs have been designed to provide intellectual, academic & research support to industry for the resolution of their technology driven problems.  The system will set standards of technology based practical knowledge acquisition involving industry, national scientific labs and research setups. The system will act as a catalyst towards the promotion of the concept of NUTECH as “University for Industry”.  For the same purposes, state of the art equipment has been selected and has been made available in NUTECH Labs.

Objectives of NUTL

Based on the identified principles the technology labs at NUTECH. NUTL has been established with following objectives: –

  • To provide all types of basic engineering and technology based undergraduate lab education support to the different departments and programs of basic sciences, and engineering / computer studies.
  • To promote the concept of “Learning-by-Doing” with all of its manifestations at NUTECH.
  • To plan, design, develop, implement and promote the concept of “Project-based Experimentation” as part of lab teaching practice at undergraduate level and in line with the guiding principle on the subject.
  • To promote the technology labs of the different engineering systems as “Conceptual Hubs” by implementing the principle of “Lab Class” at NUTECH.
  • To support, facilitate and promote experimentation at the labs as part of academics and applied research support including that of industry and society.
  • To develop necessary infrastructure for necessary facilitation of technology based research at NUTECH including that related to its development and implementation.
  • To develop necessary facilities for experimental validation of theoretical research, arrange such support from industry labs and those of national and international scientific organizations/labs.
  • To develop a professionally skilled intellectual workforce capable of developing networks and liaison with the industry and getting experimentation based industrial projects and research work for NUTECH students, researchers and faculty.
  • To design and develop multi-disciplinary systems based lab facilities for the promotion of inter-departmental research at NUTECH.
  • To offer lab based courses, certifications, projects and assignments to the students, faculty, researchers and professionals.
  • To establish the commercial wing of NUTL in order to provide technology based lab facilities and professional services to the industry, engineering companies and multinational corporations.
  • To develop patents through promotion and facilitation of lab-based research of NUTECH faculty in all its manifestations.
  • To work with the labs of other universities and higher education institutions for intellectual and research collaboration and joint research projects.
  • To organize lab based and technology inspired seminars, workshops, symposia and research conferences at NUTECH on a regular basis.
  • To design and develop a comprehensive sustainable system of labs up-gradation and improvement after every five years on the basis of intellectual, academic and research needs of university, industry and society.
  • To develop strong professional relationships with the National/ International scientific research labs and national research organizations on a sustainable basis.