NUTECH Researchers

Department of Civil Enginering

S#TitleFull NameEmailResearch Areas / ExpertiseKeywordsAreas of Applications
Engr.Muhmmad management and simulation, advanced geotechnical engineeringhydraulic structures, deep foundations, ground improvement, soil-structure interactionwater resources engineering and management, geotechnical engineering
Dr.Omer Management, Structural EngineeringBuilding information modeling, Automation in Construction,
Soil Structure interaction, Steel Structure Design
Construction management,
Structural Engineering
Dr.Muhammad Engineering, Earthquake EngineeringSite classification system, site amplification, seismic hazard analysis, site response analysisBuilding Codes, Seismic Hazard Guidelines
Dr.Muhammad & Remote Sensing, Hydrological Modeling, Watershed HydrologyFlood modelling, Dust, Drought, HydraulicsWater Resources, Environment, Hydrometeorological Hazards
Mr.Muhamamd Rizwan high performance concrete parmannet formUHPFRC, geopolmer concreteConcrete structure design
Mr.Ehsan Ullah materials and TechnologyHigh strength concrete, Concrete xposed to fire conditionStructural Engineering, Sustainble concrete materails
Mr.Ali engineeringFEM, RC Buildings, Siemic performanceConstruction management,
Structural Engineering
Dr.Malik Sarmad Safety, Transportation engineeringtraffic Safety, traffic simulation, driver behavior, vulnerable road users, driving simulatorTraffic management and reduction of accidents of road users
Mr.Asim engineering, Construction materialsSelf-healing concrete, self-compacting concrete, sustainable construction materials, material modelling and experimentationConstruction Engineering
Concrete structure design
Mr.Muhammad EngineeringTraffic Safety, PavementTraffic management and Pavement design

Department of Mechanical Enginering

S#TitleFull NameEmailResearch Areas / ExpertiseKeywordsAreas of Applications
Dr.Muhammad, Lubricant TechnologyTribology, Friction and Wear, Lubricants, InstrumentationAutomotive Sector
Dr.Waheed materials, Nanotechnology, Thermal systems, Energy Harvesting, MetalluregyMDF,Natural fibers, UF resin, nanoparticles,materials characterization, energy harveters, heat Exchangers, alloysAerospace Industry, Biomedical, WSN/Power generation, Manfacturing sector, constrction industry
Engr.Ali , IC Engines, Fluid Mechanics Droplet Evaporation , Diesel Fuels, Bio Fuels , Combustion Automotive Sector, Green Energy
Engr.Sajid Raza, CNC Machining, Laser Material Processing, Analysis of machining parameters for optimised responses like roughness, energy consumption and part quality.Machining, Sustainable Manufacturing,
Higher production rates, Part Quality, CNC Milling, Machining Cost.
Aerospace Industry.
Machining Facilities for any sort of metal machining.
Research Centres for Machining (Milling Turning etc).
Engr.Muhammad Qaiser Energy Storage
Heat Transfer
Solar Energy
Phase Change Materials
Modelling of Energy Systems
Heat Exchangers
Power Plant, Heating and cooling applications
Engr.Muhammad Basit, Heat TransferHeat Transfer Enhancement, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Performance FactorHVAC Industry, Power Plants

Department of Electrical Enginering

S#TitleFull NameEmailResearch Areas / ExpertiseKeywordsAreas of Applications
Dr.Muhammad Abu Robotics and Controlfiltering and estimation, Information processing and integrationtracking and navigation, manufacturing automation, prognostics and health management, precision agriculture
Dr.Muhammad Shahid communicationWireless powered communication networks, Energy harvesting, Full duplex communication, Scheduling in communication networks, Throughput maximization, Delay minimizationWireless sensor networks, Machine to Machine communication, 5G and beyond networks
Mr.Syed Shahzad on Chip, FPGAs, VLSISystem on Chip, FPGAs, VLSIComsumer Electronics,
Communications, Automotive,
Security, Computing
Dr.Waqar ud and controlpower converter design and control, Grid connected convertersPower system
Ms.Aneeqa and Signal ProcessingMedical Image Processing, Computer VisionHealthcare and other multidisciplinary fields
Dr.Abdullah Networks, 5G and Beyound Networks, Neural NetworksOptimization techniques, game theory, decision making, routing, networking, QoS, Resource allocation, Resource managementWireless sensor networks, Machine to Machine communication, 5G and beyond networks, UAVs, V2V and V2X Communication
Mr.Yasir SystemsPower Protection, Smart gridPower system
Mr. Haji SystemsPower System Satbility, Power Convertors, G2V and V2G Tchnology,
Energy Mangement
Power Systems
Dr.Khalid SystemsMIMO, OFDM interference cancellation by LST approachwireless communication
Mr.Abdul Basit Electronics / Power SystemsGrid Connected Systems, Inverters and ConvertersPower Systems
Mr. Muhammad Ali SystemsNonlinear differential equations, Heuristic TechniquesControl Systems

Department of Computer Engineering

S#TitleFull NameEmailResearch Areas / ExpertiseKeywordsAreas of Applications
Dr.Qasim Mahmood Communication and DSPTransceiver design, synchronization, software defined radioSoftware, Defence, Security
Dr.Awais Systems, Robotics, AIML, AI, Robotics, FPGARobotics, Defence, Security
Dr.Abdul Rehman Systems, FPGA , ASICEmbedded Systems, FPGA, SoC, ASICBiomedical Devices, Hardware for Machine Learning
Mr.M Adeel IntelligenceDeep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine LearningVisual Recognition
Mr.Rafi Ul to Avoid Surveillance CamerasComputer Vision, Security, Privacy, 3D environmental MapsRobotics, Defence, Security

Department of Computer Science

S#TitleFull NameEmailResearch Areas / ExpertiseKeywordsAreas of Applications
Dr.Sultan Daud vision and deep learningSatellite image processing, Medical image processing, Multidisciplinary
Dr.Mussadiq Abdul LearningPredictive modelsMultidisciplinary
Dr.Zulfiqar Science, Machine LearningData Analytics, Classification , Supervised learningMultidisciplinary
Dr.Saman LearningDeep Convolution Neural Network (DCNN)Multidisciplinary
Dr.Benish Learning, Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical signal processing, ambulatory moitoring, sensorsMultidisciplinary
Dr.Mohsin Particle PhysicsData Analysis, Machine Learning, SimulationData Analysis/analtics, Optimisation
Dr.Ali Learning, Cloud ComputingSemi- Supervised Deep Learning, Preventing Cloud Networks Multidisciplinary
Dr.Muhammad Learning,Neural NetworksNeurons, Neural Networks, Syncronization Multidisciplinary
Ms.Kainat Engineering, IoT, Machine LearningSignal Processing, Sensors, CNNMultidisciplinary
Ms.Afia Learning, Computer VisionNeural Networks, CNN, BiomedicalMultidisciplinary
Ms.Faria IntelligenceMultiobjective optimization, Neural Networks, Genetic AlgorithmsMultidisciplinary Learning, Deep Learning, SDLCsemi-supervised learning, predictive model, Bagging, CNNMultidisciplinary

Department of NUSASH

S#TitleFull NameEmailResearch Areas / ExpertiseKeywordsAreas of Applications
Dr.Muhammad GeneralizationGroup, Parametrization, Triangle GroupsScience
Dr.Ubaid Ahmed Mathematics Modeling & Simulation, Computational Biology, Chemical EngineeringEngineering and other fields of Sciences
Dr.Qamar Materials & Solar Cells Solar Cells, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy Materials Solar Cells and Panels
Dr.Sohail Particle PhysicsSimulation, Data AnalysisData Analysis/analtics, Optimisation
Dr.Maria dimensional materials, synthesis and characterizationThin Film Deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Nanostructured MaterialsElectronics. energy (fuel cells and batteries), Spintronics and Magnonics etc
Dr.Faiza Jan Iftikhar Electrochemical Sensors and Electrolyzer/ Batteries & Solar Cells Renewable energy, sustainable environmentBio-Chemical Sensors, Batteries, and Solar cells
Dr.Mehwish MechanicsBoundary layer flows, non-Newtonian fluidsEngineering and other fields of Sciences
Dr.Shamsa, renewable energyNanotechnology, renewable energyMaterials development, renewable energy sources, solar cells
Dr.Hasan Quantum PhysicsNanotechnology, Molecular electronics, Computational PhysicsNanoelectronics, Materials modelling
Dr.Muhammad MechanicsBuondary-layer stretching flows, non-Newtonian rheological fluidsEngineering and other fields of Sciences
Dr.Roohi Biology, Gene editingGenetically modified organisms
Dr.Sohaila ChemistrySupramolecular cluster compounds, Antileshminiasis, Polymer Chemistry, Ionic LiquidsSuperconductors, Medicinal Chemistry, Lubricants Synthesis, Environmental Remidiation
Mr.Muzahir Ali Temperature Plasma & Environmental Radioactivity MonitoringNon-thermal Plasma, Plasma devices, Plasma Diagnostics, Plasma Spectroscopy, Radiation Detection & Measurements, Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials (NORMs), Airborne Radioactivity, Radiological RiskLow Temperature Plasma Devices for Industrial and Biomedical Applications, Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring for health and safety measurements
Dr.Sajid, Cell BiologyBiomaterials, Cell imagingBioimaging, Diagnostcs
Dr.Atta Algebra, Substitution box, Image encryptionComputer Science, Computer engineering
Dr.Faryal SamplingAdaptive cluster samplingMedical
Dr.Khush Bakhat Shamraiz Science and Nanotechnology 2D materials, Renewable energy materials, Ionic liquiq gating, NanohybridsCancer treatment, Perovskite solar cells, Supercapacitors