1. Does the university provide hostel facility?
Yes, NUTECH provides furnished hostel facility for boys and girls. Detail available at https://nutech.edu.pk/admissions/fee-structure/

2. Is NUTECH a government or private university?
NUTECH is a public sector federal chartered University, administered by Ministry of Science & Technology.

3. Does PEC recognize the University?
Engineering programs offered by the University are accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

4. Does NUTECH has enough qualified faculty?
Yes, NUTECH has highly qualified and experienced faculty in the respective department inline with guideline laid down by HEC.

5. Does NUTECH has proper lab facilities?
Yes, NUTECH has well equipped laboratories to support the programs being offered.

6. Does NUTECH has sufficient computer and internet facilities?
Yes, NUTECH has modern classrooms and latest well equipped computer labs as well as internet facility at campus & student hostel.

7. Does NUTECH has a library?
Yes, NUTECH has a resourceful library with sufficient current editions of books, reference material and PERN facility to support the programs being offered.

8. Does the university faculty and students have access to famous international digital libraries?
Yes, through HEC PERN system.

9. What are the criteria for awarding scholarships?
Need based and merit based scholarships are awarded to the students on recommendation of concerned committee.

10. How can I come to NUTECH campus?
NUTECH is located on Main IJP Road, I-12, Islamabad. You can conveniently reach NUTECH by using own or public transport.

11. What is the System of Education at NUTECH?
NUTECH follows the semester system. Each program is of eight semesters and each semester is of 16-18 weeks duration. There will be two semesters in each year

12. Are DAEs eligible for admission?
Yes, DAEs are eligible for admission on open merit now.

13. What subjects are required for A-level applicants?
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/ Computer Studies.

14. Does NUTECH conduct its own entry test?
Yes, NUTECH conducts its own entry test. Normally three tests are conducted in March, May and July. Students can take any one of them or can appear in all entry tests. Best score of all tests will be used for merit.

15. Which category of NAT/ HAT/ SAT is acceptable to apply for undergraduate programs offered by NUTECH?
Please see details at Entry Test (https://nutech.edu.pk/admsns/eligibility-criteria-ug/).

16. Can I edit information on my online application form?
Yes, you can edit your online application form through student login before final submission. In case of any problem, you can contact Admission Office on telephone or via email.

17. Is it mandatory to deposit application processing fee?
Yes, it is mandatory to deposit application processing fee in any online branch of Bank-Alfalah or HBL.

18. How it will be confirmed that whether my application processing fee has been received at NUTECH or I have to send copy of paid fee voucher to NUTECH?
You have to upload copy of paid fee voucher which will be verified by The Treasurer Office of NUTECH and status will be updated on your online registration form.

19. What should I do if I have paid application processing fee but my fee status is not updated on online application form?
You are required to email scanned copy of paid fee voucher at [email protected]. Admission Office will process it with Treasurer Office.

20. Is it mandatory to attach the documents with online application form?
Yes, it is mandatory to attach/upload the desired documents with your online application form otherwise your application will not be processed for admission.

21. I have lost one of the documents which are required to be attached with online application form. What should I do?
Apply for duplicate copy from concerned board. Meanwhile, you can download your result card from website of concerned board and attach it with your online application form.

22. I have lost my FSC (Part-1) result card but I have FSC (part-1 + part 2 combined) final result card. What should I do?
Please upload FSC final result card with your online application form.

23. Is it mandatory to have valid NAT/ SAT score to apply for admission in NUTECH?
Yes, International applicants only, can apply SAT Subject Score basis for admission (valid for 1 year, from
the date of test.

24. What does it mean by Guardian?
A guardian is a person who is looking after you in terms of taking your care, paying your educational expenses etc.

25. I am waiting for result of FSc (2nd Year)/ A-Level (A-2), can I apply for admission on the basis of 1st year/ A-1 result?
Yes, you can apply.

26. My aggregate score in 1st year is less than 60%. Can I apply for admission in NUTECH?
If you are sure that you will be able to improve your score in FSc and obtain minimum 60% marks, as per eligibility criteria, then you may apply for admission based on your score in FSC (Part-1).

27. Is it mandatory for O-Level students to obtain equivalence certificate from IBCC before the closing date of application to apply for admission in NUTECH?
Yes, it is mandatory for O-Level students to obtain equivalence certificate from IBCC.

28. Is it mandatory for A-Level students to obtain equivalence certificate from IBCC before the closing date of application to apply for admission in NUTECH?
Yes, it is mandatory if an applicant has already passed A-Level exam. Otherwise a student can obtain A-Level equivalence certificate after the announcement of result.

29. I have completed FSc. Can I mention the overall score of FSc?
Student who have completed FSc are required to mention overall score of FSc.

30. When and where merit lists are displayed?
Merit lists are displayed on university website as per admission schedule after (the closing date to apply for admission in NUTECH).

31. Is it required to send hard copy of online application form/ fee voucher or documents to NUTECH?
You are required to upload desired documents with your online admission form. Do not send application form or any other document to NUTECH.

32. What is to be mentioned by FSc students on online application form where registration number is required?
FSc students are required to mention registration number issued by concerned Board of Intermediate and Higher Secondary School Certificate.

33. I am having error/ problem in login. How can I rectify it?
You are required to send an email at [email protected] highlighting the problem which you are facing while creating log in or accessing your online application form

34. I have completed my FSc (pre-medical) and appearing/appeared for additional math paper. Can I apply for admission in NUTECH?
Yes, you can apply for admission in NUTECH based on your score in FSc pre-medical along with marks in additional Math.

35. What are the salient features of Admission System of NUTECH?
Admission is granted on the basis of candidate’s marks in Matric / O Level , FSc /A- Level and  Score in NAT 1E/CS or score in Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Subject. Admission process for all undergraduate programs is conducted once a year to facilitate the commencement of the academic year in Fall. For more details, please visit NUTECH website.

36. What category of candidates can apply for admission on the basis of SAT?
Any candidate can apply for admission on the basis of SAT provided he / she has SAT score for the prescribed disciplines of study. Admission on SAT basis has two categories, ie National and International. Candidates admitted as Pakistani National residents  pay tuition fee and allied charges in Pak currency whereas candidates admitted as International/ Overseas Pakistani pay the required dues at rates defined for international students (in US dollar). For admission as International / Overseas Pakistanis, the following categories will be eligible:
a) Pakistani national students having passed an examination equivalent to intermediate level of Pakistan from a foreign education system.
b) Foreigners and Pakistanis having dual nationality, irrespective of the place of their HSSC study, i.e. Pakistan or abroad.

37. What is the processing fee for online registration for Admission? No fee is charged for initial online registration. However, admission application fee worth Rs. 2,000/- is
required to be deposited by the prospective candidates who want to submit their application for
NUTECH series of entrance test to considering them for grant of admission.

 38. What are the different Undergraduate Programs offered at NUTECH?
Currently, the following Programs are being offered:
a) BS in Mechanical Engineering
b) BS in Civil Engineering
c) BS in Electrical Engineering
d) BS in Computer Engineering
e) BS in Computer Science
(f) BS in Software Engineering
(g) BS in Artificial Intelligence
(h) BET (Civil Engineering)

39. Does NUTECH offer scholarship / financial assistance?
Yes, NUTECH offer merit and need based scholarship/ financial assistance.

40. What are the eligibility criteria for admission in different undergraduate programs?
Please see eligibility criteria (https://nutech.edu.pk/admissions/eligibility-criteria/)

41. Can I apply for more than one programs?

42. Is an equivalence certificate of qualification other than Matric & FSc necessary? Can I not submit my O-level and A level certificates? (I ask so, because I will be applying from abroad)?
Equivalence certificates duly issued by IBCC Pakistan are necessary for those candidates who do not possess Matric & FSc qualifications. Submission of only O&A level grade / mark sheets will not serve the purpose. All non FSc stream candidates must have equivalence certificate of their qualification, duly obtained from IBCC, Pakistan in relevant groups/subjects with minimum 60% marks.

43. Is there any age limit for Undergraduate Admission?
There is no age limit for Undergraduate Admission.

44. Would the admission processing fee / security deposit be refundable in case a student does not join the University?
Please see fee refund policy.

45. Whom should I contact for queries about NUTECH Entry Test for Undergraduate Programs?
You can contact Admission Office through Phone: +92 51-5476809 and e-mail : [email protected].

46: I got my name changed in my CNIC and Passport which is different from that on my academic documents
(O & A Level), how can I get the same name on my university degree and transcript?

For this, you have to get your name changed on your Matric or O level equivalence certificate (SSC), because University will use your name as per your Matric or O level equivalence certificate (SSC), duly issued by IBCC.

47. Do I fall under the Expatriate Students category?
If you are temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than Pakistan, and hold either a Pakistani passport, or dual nationality (one of them being Pakistani), you fall under the Expatriate Student Category.

48. I am a born Pakistani with a foreign passport; can I apply as an expatriate student?
An expatriate having single foreign nationality can apply as foreign/ international student on SAT subject basis.

49. How long does an undergraduate (B.S.) degree take to complete?
BS is a 4 year program.

50. In what language will classes be taught?
Mostly in English Medium.

51. Can I pursue a double-degree at NUTECH?
Not allowed

52. If I fail in one subject only in FSc, can I apply for admission?
No, you cannot apply for admission.

53. When was NUTECH established?
NUTECH was established in February 2018.

54. Who is the current Vice Chancellor / Rector of the University?
Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz (R), HI(M).

55. What is the difference in Software Engineering ( SE), Computer Science ( CS) and Artificial Intelligence ( AI) ?

Software Engineering primarily focuses on the development and maintenance of software systems.

Computer Science is a broader discipline that covers various areas of computing, including algorithms, data structures, and computational theory.

Artificial Intelligence is a subset of Computer Science that specifically deals with creating intelligent systems that can mimic human intelligence.