NUTECH Library is playing an active part in higher education system of the university by providing relevant and up to-date information to the information seekers using variety of technologies and services. The library is a partner in research and technological innovations while encouraging users to fully capitalize its knowledge assets to enhance their expertise and professionally compete in the future. Rich in both printed and electronic resources, NUTECH Library contributes directly to the institution’s academic mission of equipping users with the skills and knowledge they need to become creative and technically sound engineers and technologists. Library is located at the 6th & 7th level of University Academic Block.


To serve NUTECH in advancement of knowledge, learning and research by providing latest information and allied library related services to its users through variety of technologies and services.


  • To become an active part of student centered – university learning system to cultivate a rich research culture at the campus.
  • Identify the present and future needs / demands of the library users in contemporary & emerging Hi-tech fields.
  • Providing information resources as required by the users to meet their learning & research needs
  • Afford information services that may foster professional development and thus produce challenging technologies innovators / developers.
  • Providing conducive environment and ideal spaces for study research and collaborative team efforts
  • To promote and inculcate library usage culture among the students