NUTECH Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization (NORIC )

“To promote transfer of NUTECH research endeavors to local and global industry for turning innovations and entrepreneurship into products and businesses to benefit society“


Under mentioned elements of proposed vision describe desired futuristic direction of NORIC, which will drive the planning and execution of strategies.

  • To facilitate and promote R&D through an enabling environment.
  • To build strong partnerships with industry.
  • Supporter/facilitator of technology solutions for industry.
  • Develop/nurture internationally acceptable HR.


  • Support the strategic research directions and policies of NUTECH.
  • Improve integration of research, innovation and education at all levels.
  • Increase and diversify external research funding.
  • Facilitate creation of research enabling environment within university
  • Help researchers to translate research for public’s benefit.
  • Improve and strengthening university-industry relationships.
  • Promote entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities which improve and support the economy.
  • Promote and improve multi-disciplinary research initiatives.
  • Facilitate capacity building of faculty in research domain
  • Pursue student’s internships and job placement options in industry

NORIC Office at a Glance

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) is a higher education institution with national accreditation from both the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Located in Islamabad, NUTECH operates under the administration of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). With the goal of attaining global recognition as an institution dedicated to applied research, NUTECH was founded as a groundbreaking “industrial university,” with the aim of engendering, advancing, and disseminating present, emergent, and forthcoming technologies within the nation. At present, we are engaged in the generation of a proficient labor force, with a focus on the development of accomplished engineers, technicians, and researchers. Our efforts are directed towards achieving the goal of producing skilled personnel that excels in their respective fields.

The significance of research and innovation cannot be overstated as both serve as crucial antecedents to a nation’s progress by establishing a framework and impetus for achieving technological advancement. NUTECH endeavors to make a contribution towards the enhancement of Pakistan’s technology industry by leveraging industry engagement, comprehensive problem analysis, and innovative approaches. In 2019, NUTECH established the NUTECH ORIC (NORIC) with the aim of promoting research and innovation among the faculty and students. The NORIC was developed to create strategies and processes in collaboration with various stakeholders to further facilitate research and innovation endeavors. NORIC occupies a significant position in the fulfillment of NUTECH’s vision by establishing fruitful collaborations with both domestic and international universities, research and development industry and industry associations, with the aim of fostering innovative research.

The primary objective of NORIC is to ensure the attainment of superior standards of research in science and effectively transform the resultant research endeavors into commercially feasible and tangible merchandise, with the overarching aim of bridging the gap between academia, industry and government. The objective of our mandate is to strengthen and streamline the dissemination of original, economically viable, environmentally sound, and locally adapted remedies to various industries by means of scientific inquiry.

The NUTECH Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (NORIC) has carried out a series of visits and exchanges with several industry sectors, associations, and zones. Additionally, NORIC has conducted several symposiums to actively investigate and identify the extant gaps. Furthermore, our objectives include instigating the appropriate measures for fostering a suitable environment for research within NUTECH. Additionally, we prioritize engagement with industry to cultivate mutually beneficial associations and ascertain pertinent industry requirements. In light of the foregoing, NORIC will adopt a strategic and operational approach to providing support for the research activities of the university, thereby fulfilling a pivotal function in advancing the university’s research outcomes. The research agenda ought to concentrate on the conversion of knowledge into innovation by means of generating products and enhancing production procedures with the ultimate outcome of influencing the economy, as well as serving the collective welfare. The possible realization of NORIC’s proposed strategic plan is expected to yield a favorable impact on research and innovation advancement.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive edge possessed by NORIC lies in its proficient leadership team, burgeoning industrial connections, and a strategically situated campus locality. In addition to this, the provision of quality technical education with a professional emphasis renders it a plausible provider of solutions within the academic realm to meet the needs of the industry. In accordance with the “Triple Helix Model,” NORIC is actively engaged in efforts to facilitate collaboration among the academic, governmental, and industrial sectors. The aim of these initiatives is to bridge the gap between these distinct spheres.

NUTECH ORIC Leadership

The leadership of NORIC demonstrates notable levels of expertise, possessing a comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics, and displaying adequate familiarity with governmental policies and limitations. Leveraging their respective backgrounds and wealth of experience, these individuals are utilizing their expertise to strategically devise a pragmatic and judicious plan of action to attain the NUTECH ORIC objectives.

NORIC is headed by Director General NORIC, Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Asif Aslam who is an engineer by profession and a graduate of PAF College of Aeronautical Engineering. He has more than 30 years of experience in engineering domain and has previously headed appointments related to technology, research, design and commercialization. He is assisted by Director NORIC, Air Commodore Farooq Umer, is an engineer by profession with 27 years of experience in varied professional engineering pursuits including 14 years of work experience in R&D domain.  Top tier of NORIC leadership is amply qualified and experienced in technology, research and innovation management and is well equipped to steer it in the right direction.

NORIC Relationship with Karachi Industry

NUTECH, founded by the Armed Forces and Federal Government in February 2018, has been striving to foster strong bonds of intellectual, academic and professional camaraderie with the domestic industry, primarily in Karachi. In February 2019, NUTECH successfully attracted a group of experts from the industry to come to Karachi through their diligent and proactive actions. In April 2019, NUTECH hosted a visit from a group of industry professionals, leading to the formation of an exclusive group of volunteer experts from Karachi’s industry, known as the Core team. NUTECH has made a commitment to prioritize the voluntary, academic, and professional service of the national industry in Karachi through ongoing interactions. The University conducted thorough technical research on diverse industry sectors located in Karachi, with the intention of sharing the results of their findings with the likes of FPCCI, KCCI, a range of industry sectors and property associations in the area.

NUTECH enlisted the help of their experienced industry volunteers from Karachi to assist with the visit of a prominent delegation from the university. The delegation was headed by DG NORIC Air Vice Marshal Rana Anees Latif, who served as the Director General of NUTECH’s Office of Research Innovation, and Commercialization (NORIC). The NUTECH delegation had meetings with the heads of FPCCI, KCCI, FBATI, S.I.T.E Superhighway, PPMA (Plastic), PPMA (Pharma), PLGMEA (Leather), ABAD, PAKSEA, PHMA (Hosiery), TMA (Towel), PAAPAM (Auto Parts), PASHA (IT), APMIA (Marble) and PCSIR Complex Karachi during their visit. During these meetings, the NUTECH delegation presented their research outcomes and deductions regarding the progress of diverse industries in a country, in terms of technical advancement.

The collaboration and exchange between NUTECH and Karachi Industry resulted in the inaugural NUTECH-OBA PSTC-Industry Symposium, which took place at NUTECH on February 18, 2020. Industrialists and Representatives from FPCCI, KCCI and S.I.T.E. including Superhighway, PLGMEA, PPMA (Plastic), PPMA (Pharma), TMA, PHMA, PAKSEA, APMIA, PAAPAM, PASHA, SIMAP were in attendance. In addition to the aforementioned groups, representatives from various scientific and governmental organizations such as PCSIR, PCRET, PCST, NIE, NIO, PEC (Ministry of Science & Technology), National Center for Physics (NCP), and individuals from HIT (Defense Production), NLC (National Logistics Cell), COMSATS University, Baha Uddin Zakriya University (BZU) Multan, and high-ranking members of the Armed Forces also attended the said event.

At the symposium, NUTECH showcased its National Industry Development Program, an Innovative Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Model tailored for the Industry, and provided insightful details about the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution for National Industry Development. After a symposium consisting of three sessions, NUTECH and the industrial sector in Karachi have reached an agreement to collaborate in establishing a university campus in the area. The aim is to promote rapid technological progress in the industry, which is currently in high demand. An agreement was reached to establish collaborative teams between NUTECH and the industry, a “Policies Pursuance Cell” for NUTECH Industry, and designated industry representatives at NUTECH.

The KCCI nominee, along with representatives from industrial estates and industry sector associations, were chosen to become members of five distinct NUTECH forums. These forums pertain to policies and coordination in the field of industry, technology advancement, industrial training and vocational education, industry-related projects, and laboratories. An agreement has been reached to create collaborative technology platforms between NUTECH and industry experts in order to plan, design, and establish research centers and laboratories for the development and promotion of technology according to the industry’s identified requirements.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Karachi industry successfully maintained their communication with NUTECH through a series of online meetings, which involved various sectors of the industry and NUTECH officials. NUTECH in collaboration with national construction industry association ABAD, developed a unique Cooperative Model of Bachelor of Civil Engineering Technology (BET) in order to educate and prepare engineering technologists as per the actual needs of national construction industry. BET program was inaugurated at NUTECH by the President of Pakistan in February 2021. The ceremony was attended by around ninety (90) leading industrialists and representatives / nominees of Karachi industry and sector associations.

In conclusion, the relationship between NUTECH and the Karachi industry is symbiotic. The industry benefits from the skilled workforce and research initiatives provided by the university, while the university benefit from the practical experience and exposure provided by industry. This collaboration between NUTECH and Karachi Industry will help to foster an environment of innovation and growth, ultimately contributing to the development of the country’s economy in the coming years.

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