NORIC Office Structure

NORIC Offices

In order to achieve its above stated objectives, NUTECH Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (NORIC) is to fulfil its role of a facilitator and supporter for execution of goal oriented research. In that, it has to ensure that requisite wherewithal required for execution of research activities is made available in required areas through effective coordination between university offices and external stakeholders.

 NORIC offices are given below:

  • Industrialization Liaison Office
  • Research Facilitation Office
  • Commercialization Office
  • Employment and Placement Office

Framework to cater Industry Problems’ Solution

To develop national industry ‘Systematic Approach’ for NUTECH-Industry collaboration is considered essential so as to make such relationship permanent feature of NUTECH academics, research and support systems. As part of its efforts to develop such system of industry support on permanent basis, NORIC has created various NUTECH-Industry Joint Collaboration Forums (NIJCF) which are designed to act as relevant platforms for the solution of all industry based and technology driven issues. These range from industry policies to technology research projects, industry labs development, technical advising and industry-needed technical and vocational skills. Following are the five key forums

Brief Description of NUTECH-lndustry Forums (NIF)

To begin with, NUTECH has envisaged establishment of FIVE (05) different NIFs intended to cater for the needs of industry in particular domains through a strong and sustainable system of University-Industry partnership are given below:-

Being 'University for Industry' and with sole purpose of serving the industry in the most proficient and effective manner, it is imperative for NUTECH to establish strong relationship with industry and NICF is established to play pivot role under NORIIC management and serve the interests of industry in the best possible manner while establishing long-term professional links with industry. NICF composition include nominations/ representations from organizations of Ministries of Science & Technology, Education & Professional Training, Commerce, Planning and Industries apart from industry focal persons as members supported by the relevant leadership of NUTECH.

NIPF has honorary representation from Govt institutions representing Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries and Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms. The industry nominees (notified for a period of 'three years' by NUTECH) are known as "Members Industry Policy". NIPF aim is to extensively working on crafting draft Govt policies for national industry exclusively based on the following two fundamental guiding principles:-

(1) Imports Substitution' and 'Value-added Exports Enhancement'

(2) 'Technologies Up-gradation' and 'Hi-tech' finished products development.

NITDF has nominees from industry associations and chambers as 'Members Technology and Advising” who are expected to be major contributors in terms of inputs from industry, different industry sectors and enterprises. On the basis of critical inputs from industry, NUTECH experts at NITDF conduct research studies, feasibility projects and technology development projects to design and develop technology up-gradation plans for different industries. NITDF connects industries with different technologies based research and product development projects to make our industry technology driven exports enabled enterprises in future. It is in addition to the reasonably large number of NUTECH PhD faculty who has joined NITDF as consultants, guides, academic and intellectual partners for the R&D based solutions of technology and industry through technology upgradation projects.

This forum is established to develop National industry so that it is well conversant with the international industry standards for high quality exports driven products to let it compete with global industry. The forum has representation from NUTECH faculty experts, relevant experts from national scientific organizations dealing with national standards for industry representations from national academic, scientific, industrial and commercial products development labs, industry research organizations, institutions of Ministries of Industry, Science & Technology and Commerce, The forum performs different functions.

NISDF have membership of NUTECH skills experts, master trainers of hi-tech skills, representatives of NAVTTC and experts from faculty with specialization in innovative hi-tech skills of 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), NISDF has multiple tasks to perform.