Engr Muhammad Asif Aslam (Air Vice Marshal)

DG Message

Research and innovation are the crucial precursors of country’s development as they define its pace in pursuit of technological growth. Keeping this overarching thought at its backdrop, NUTECH has remained resilient in playing its fundamental role in improving technological sphere of Pakistan through its research activities and innovative approach. It acquaints researchers with their relevant departments, areas of research and most importantly the industry. NORIC was established at NUTECH in 2019 with role to uplift academicians and students, facilitator to define strategy and processes with the collaboration of all stake holders. NORICs mission is to ensure quality research in academia and bring these efforts into commercial market in a tangible and meaningful output. It bridges the academia with industry, government and multinational agencies. During this short span of time, NORIC has worked on facilitating its faculty and students in doing high impact factor quality research while protecting their intellectual property rights. NORIC views “Student Startups” as key contributors to global economic and social development of a country; for which Student Startup Business Centre will be started soon. These centers will inculcate the culture of innovation, research and commercialization through entrepreneurship amongst youth and nourishing them to be a productive entity. NORIC provides an aid in uplifting the standards of education and research at NUTECH, and establishing linkages with industries for possibly converting research projects into products that could lead to its commercialization. I believe our envisaged roadmap, once materialized over the coming years, would contribute positively towards growth of local industry and national economy.