Basic Concept of NUTL

The basic concept of NUTL has been evolved around following fundamental and self-explanatory concepts / principles.

Principle of “Proof-of-Concept” in Academics

The primary focus of academics at NUTECH revolves around conceptual studies and knowledge transfer. In the 5-step learning cycle in academics at an undergraduate level, the students shall have to be taught about the concepts in the class through lectures, tutorials and practical demonstration.

Principle of “Learning-by-Doing”

The aim is to implement and promote the concept of „learning-by-doing‟ as one of the fundamental principles to promote “hands-on‟ experience under the controlled environment of specifically designed labs.

Principle of “Project-Based Experimentation”

In the conventional labs environment at the different universities of the country, the students, researchers and scholars are not encouraged to agitate their minds, promote curiosity and bring innovation. By following the best international practices, the technology labs shall promote the concept of “Lab Project” as the basis of experimentation, leading to a reasonably well defined “Outcome based” projects to earn rewards as per the pre-determined criteria and assessment system.

Principle of “Lab Class”

The principle derives its inspiration from the fact that “Seeing is Believing”. The principle will encourage the instructors to generate theoretical explanation of a physical phenomenon as they are demonstrating the operation of an application exclusively designed and developed on the relevant scientific principle.

Principle of “Experimental Research Based Learning”

Being the bastion of knowledge creation through experimentation and experimentation-based research the concept of academic learning will be developed and promoted at the technology labs. All efforts shall be made to promote the concept and apply the principle in true spirit. The application of this principle will not be limited to researchers only but will be extended to the graduate and undergraduate students as practical knowledge seekers.

Principle of “Lab for Industry”

The principle is based on the concept of linking the labs of NUTECH with the related industry. The implementation will be through students, researchers and faculty projects, experimentation support for solutions of industrial problems, development of labs facilities, support services and infrastructure to provide technology based services and solutions to the industry. On the basis of this principle projects will be conceived and initiated as part of joint research with the concerned industry for the development and promotion of indigenous technologies.

Principle of “Technology Research Lab”

All over the world the labs of the leading technology universities are primarily designed, developed and promoted as the bastions of technology driven research with productive outcomes. The concept behind the principle advocates designing the academic research support systems of all the labs at NUTECH as clearly biased towards indigenous development of the existing, emerging and future technologies. technology universities and address the requirements and challenges of existing, emerging and future technologies.

Principle of “Technology Lab for Multi-Disciplinary Systems”

The principle is based on the concept of developing technology labs which shall support multi- disciplinary academics and research at the university. The technology labs at NUTECH shall be so designed and linked with each other in a fashion that will facilitate inter- departmental learning, education, experience and innovation at undergraduate and graduate levels. The concept of systems based labs shall be promoted as a matter of policy to economize the resources and encourage knowledge exchange between different disciplines, programs and faculties of basic and applied sciences at NUTECH.

Principle of “Lab as Technology Services Enterprise”

The principle implicitly advocates generation of additional financial and material resources for the technology labs of NUTECH through professional technical services. It entails establishing close links with the industry, services sector and multi- national technology companies on professional lines. In this context the technology labs shall have a team of Assistant Professors/Assistant Lab Directors/Senior Lab Engineers of multi-disciplinary expertise who shall work with the team leads of NORIIC to engage the industry, technology companies and service sector to ascertain their needs and offer lab facilities for testing and other related services on commercial basis.

Principle of “Lab as Integrator of Knowledge & Practice”

The technology labs at NUTECH will be designed to meet the needs of academicians in terms of establishing fundamental knowledge-base at the departmental and inter-departmental levels at one end and promotion of its practice for the subsequent development of products/ models/systems for the industry and society.

Principle of “Labs as Integrator of Industry Labs”

This principle introduces the novel concept of establishing professional links with the lab based facilities of different industries at national and international levels. It will entail maintaining complete data base of related lab facilities in the industry. There will be efforts in developing a network of industrial labs to facilitate academics, projects and research at NUTECH. The technology labs will identify needs of up-gradation of industry labs equipment/systems/instrumentation and offer these as projects of junior and senior year students including their final year projects. The labs management will develop links with the international industry and companies through NORIIC to establish their labs and associated research facilities at NUTL.

Principle of “Universal Accessibility at Technology Labs”

This principle implies that the management of NUTL will create, establish and promote an environment in which the university students, researchers, scholars, faculty members, industry-professionals and project developers feel comfortable in accessing and using labs facilities, equipment, instrumentation and testing gadgetry as part of their academic, research and intellectual pursuits. The principle advocates promotion of creativity and innovation at the technology labs by taking steps which facilitate shaping up of new ideas into reality based outcomes.