Innovation Philosophy

Creativity is the essence of industrial and societal development and panacea of success in a world driven by technology. Innovation at NUTECH.   NUTECH aspires to act as hub of excellence in innovation, creativity and providing assistance to technopreneurs, through world-class research, science, arts, skills and scholarship to develop innovation driven industry and society. NUTECH strengthen innovation and entrepreneurial community, innovation infrastructure, initiate innovative programs, innovative partnerships and imbed innovation culture and ecosystem from skills-to undergraduate-to graduate and Post doc researchers. NUTECH develops and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial community, innovation infrastructure, initiate innovative programs, innovative partnership for the realization of need into product development and commercialization through the stages of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Goals of NUTECH for Innovation

NUTECH acts as a catalyst for innovation community and provides innovation infrastructure that facilitates innovation process from wish to product commercialization with following goals:-

  • Bridging the linkages between students’ groups, programs, NUTL and NIC dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide support to successful innovation and entrepreneurship programs and their access to more students, national and international partners.
  • Identifying growth opportunities  through  the  creation  of  innovative  educational
  • Programs, research efforts and physical infrastructure.


Conversion of Science into Art for the development of industry and society.


The objectives of NIC as envisaged at the DoR Office are enumerated below: –

  • Promotion of innovation, creativity and intellectual investment in science and technology, to achieve development of vide range of useful products for the Society.
  • Creation of conducive echo-system to foster interdisciplinary problem-solving ability for successful interdisciplinary novel projects, execution for Industry and Society.
  • Nurture culture of innovation to excite young minds about innovations and channelize youth to make innovative inventions.
  • To enable NUTECH researchers achieve success through innovation on the face technological challenges for sustainable economy and society.