DoR Office

Welcome to the office of DOR

Effort is vital to our lives. Through our effort we produce value for community, and achieve our key goals for achievement and growth. We endeavour to improve knowledge and practice around the area of development. Our mission is to integrate academia and industry on the world of work.

We develop research projects in the areas of critical social requirements as well as equip our industries with prototypes (NUTECH Innovation Centre). We pursue this integrative mission through professional development and outreach activities (Undergraduate Research Experience Program).  The professional community benefits from the application of rigorous research through our hard work (NUTECH Research Based Industry Support System). We invite you to discover all we have to offer.


To be a world-class technology driven research university committed to best serve society and industry through purposeful education, research and innovation.


DOR aspires for innovations and creativity by providing research and development environment to link ideas with industrial grade solutions through research. We seek out brilliant and curious minds with innovative ideas to build an empowering community of change makers. We facilitate our graduates and researchers in pursuit of excellence in order to respond to the challenge of industrial development of our country and serve at the forefront of techno-industrial transformation.