NUTECH Industrial Support System aims to effectively and efficiently solve technology based problems of the industry through a strong and sustainable mechanism of industry projects support (IPS) system in future. The Office of Dean of Research (DoR) undertakes and manages research projects of industry as part of its assistance to Dean of University (DoU) Office. NORIIC establishes close professional links with the industry through a strong system of industry focal persons, joint working groups, departmental industry advisory committees, joint collaboration forums of policies, technologies, labs and projects, industrial skills development, university-industry coordination mechanism and joint technology platforms. NORIIC offers projects for research and products development at NUTECH. DoR Office is responsible for smooth execution of the allotted industry project from its conception by the industry till the completion of research and prototype development phases. DoU Office oversees the project implementation by DoR Office and keeps all stakeholders including NORIIC duly updated about the progress of work on regular basis. DoR Office is instrumental in establishing intellectual and research driven linkages with academic research experts at the international academia and scientific R&D organizations.


  • Preparation of detailed feasibility studies
  • Development and implementation of Project Management and Review (PMR) system
  • Incorporation of technical, administrative, logistic and financial aspects in feasibility studies of all industry sponsored projects
  • Comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of respective projects
  • Establishment of quality management cell (QMC) in aid of all industry projects research support for an effective quality control, assurance and management during the various phases of research for the industry projects
  • Maintaining a comprehensive system of allied industry technology development standards alongside all technology development projects for the industry. The technology standards as developed are made in-sync with the available similar international technology standards for necessary compatibility
  • Maintaining record of all research documentation and catalogue all research publications either relevant to the industry projects-based research or are the outcomes of such successful research
  • Documents all relevant technologies developed, borrowed or used during the research execution and conduct phase of industry projects
  • Creates, establishes and strengthens departmental and inter-departmental, multi-disciplinary research groups involving experts from academia and national R&D organizations for technologies creation, development and transfer to the industry and business(es)
  • Creates comprehensive and sustainable NUTECH expert faculty and NUTL labs engagement system and its alignment with the industry identified projects at the university
  • Designs comprehensive system of engagement of NUTL based teaching and research labs at NUTECH with those at the different leading national industries and allied setups working under relevant ministries