Technology Research Group (TRG)

The concept of academic technology research groups (TRGs) in the top-ranking universities around the world is quite old and mature now. The leading technology universities owe their ranking and fame to the quality-based consistent research generated by their departmental technology research groups. In view of these facts, vision and mission of NUTECH as “University for Industry” technology research groups (TRG) are being established at NUTECH. All the TRGs are to be led /co-led by the expert PhD faculty members at all the departments of the respective Institutes/Schools/Labs and other related academic components of the University. The respective Institutes/Schools/departments ensure the following:

  • Creation of the technology research groups (TRGs) based on the expertise of the available faculty in each department
  • Specific technology related separate and functional departmental TRGs in the given period of maximum six months from the date of commencement of new Undergraduate / Graduate academic programs at NUTECH
  • Encouragement and facilitation of all the Bachelor, MS and PhD students to do technology based applied research as the active members of a TRG of their choice
  • An active supervision, guidance and ownership of the TRG(s) by the PhD faculty members in all the departments
  • An active patronage of the TRGs by the respective Principals/Deans/ Directors R&D/HoDs through close performance monitoring of the respective groups on regular basis
  • Generation of internationally publishable industrial problems and solutions based quality academic and applied research by the members of the respective TRGs on regular basis
  • Display of all the relevant information about the composition, research achievements, strengths and capabilities etc, of respective TRGs on the web-pages of the respective departments at the NUTECH website
  • Development of new technology based industrial/commercial products and patents through continuous research of the TRGs in an organized manner
  • An active inter-group (multi-disciplinary) academic and research collaboration at NUTECH level
  • Creation of new avenues for an active technology based collaboration and interaction between the various departmental TRGs as and industry at the national and international levels