Research Projects Under Progress

Proposals submitted to HEC

  1. Modified Graphene Quantum Dots as an effective catalyst for Li-air batteries (Dr. Faiza jan Iftikhar, Email: [email protected])
  2. Improving the stability of High-Efficiency Perovskite solar cells (Dr. Qamar Wali, Email: [email protected])
  3. Optimal Design of Rail tracks and Bridges of High speed Train (Dr. M. Maqbool Sadiq, Email: [email protected])
  4. Development of G5-enabled Aerial Networks for Seamless connectivity in Rural Areas of Pakistan (Dr. Nasir Saeed , mail: [email protected])
  5. Modeling and Simulation of the Novel Coronavirus (2019 – nCov) in Pakistan (Dr. Ubaid Ahmed Nisar, Email: [email protected])
  6. Improving Environmental Stability of High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells: A Step towards Commercialization (Dr. Qamar Wali, Email: [email protected])
  7. Novel nanocomposite based electrochemical sensor for detection of water borne pathogens (Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar, Email: [email protected])
  8. Rheological Characteristics of SWCNT/MWCNT Wetland Entropy Optimized Flow of Hybrid Nano-fluid Using Regression and Artificial Neural Network Approach (Dr. Muhammad Waqas, Email: [email protected])
  9. A point-of-care platform-based on doped metal oxides-luminophores used in electrochemical sensing of heavy metal ions (HMIs); explored as carcinogenic biomarkers (Dr. Mahmood Hassan, Email: [email protected])
  10. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Smart Precision Agriculture for Rural Areas of Pakistan. (Dr. Muhammad Abu Bakr, Email: [email protected] )
  11. Development of Seismic Site Amplification Model for Shallow Bedrock Sites in Pakistan. (Dr. Muhammad Aqib, Email: [email protected])
  12. Indigenous Manufacturing of Hemodialysis machine (Dr. Liaquat Ali Khan, Email [email protected])
  13. Local manufacturing of Centrally Air-Conditioning Energy Recovery System (Dr. Imran Shah, Email: [email protected])
  14. Development of 3D Printer for Metals (Dr. Kamran Nazir, Email: [email protected])
  15. Modified Graphene Quantum Dots – effective catalyst for Li air batteries (Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar, Email: [email protected])
  16. Design and Development of novel high performance solar panels (Dr. Maria Hasan, Email: [email protected])
  17. Unified Intelligent Seeding Machine (Dr. Awais Yasin, Email: [email protected])
  18. Automatic Purification System for Water Released from Chemical Industry (Dr. Mahmood Hassan, Email: [email protected])
  19. Design and fabrication of biocompatible functionalized graphene-based nanohybrids for cancer treatment using magnetic hyperthermia approach (Dr. Khush Bakhat Shamraiz, Email: [email protected])
  20. Room Temperature deposition of SnO2 as Robust Electron Transport Layer for Stable Perovskite Solar Cell (Dr. Qamar Wali, Email: [email protected])
  21. Artificial Intelligence based Auto-Tracking, Detection and  Locking of Moving Objects (Dr. Badar Rashid, Email: [email protected])
  22. Artificial Intelligence based Precision Guidance System (Dr. Raees Ahmed Siddiqui, Email: [email protected])
  23. Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Fuel (Dr. Shamsa Munir, Email: [email protected])