NUTECH Research Based Industry Support System (NRISS)

NRISS aims to effectively and efficiently solve technology-based problems of the industry through a strong and sustainable mechanism of industry projects support (IPS) system in future. The Office of Dean of Research (DoR) undertakes and manages research projects of industry as part of its assistance to Dean of University (DoU) Office. NORIIC establishes close professional links with the industry through a strong system of industry focal persons, joint working groups, departmental industry advisory committees, joint collaboration forums of policies, technologies, labs and projects, industrial skills development, university-industry coordination mechanism and joint technology platforms. NORIIC offers projects for research and products development at NUTECH.  DoR Office is responsible for smooth execution of the allotted industry project from its conception by the industry till the completion of research and prototype development phases. DoU Office oversees the project implementation by DoR Office and keeps all stakeholders including NORIIC duly updated about the progress of work on regular basis. DoR Office is instrumental in establishing intellectual and research driven linkages with academic research experts at the international academia and scientific R&D organizations.

Feasibility Study Report Disposal Process at DoR Office

The departmental faculty experts’ team under the guidance of DoR and assisted by reps of other support staff offices will finalize the feasibility studies in 60-75 days. DoU Office will get feasibility study report approved from Rector through Registrar and send it to NORIIC for sharing it with the sponsoring industry. NORIIC may organize interactive session / presentation of DoR team with the sponsoring industry. NORIIC will get project approved from industry and get its support for the suggested timelines of the project. On approval from the Rector through Registrar Office, DoU Office will be intimated by Registrar about the go-ahead for the commencement of implementation phase of the project. Treasurer Office will open project account from where the finances will be provided to cater for the expenses as per pre-decided procedure but without bureaucratic hurdles.

Actions after Project Feasibility Study Approval

 DoR Office is responsible for an effective implementation of all approved research projects. Following time-bound actions are completed before the implementation phase of approved research projects:

  • Registrar Office notification for establishment of PMR committee.
  • Registrar Office notification for establishment of project expenditure audit committee for six monthly audit on regular basis, till its completion.
  • Establishment of project fund & account with Treasurer.
  • Issue of schedule of PMR committee meetings by DoU Office.
  • Issue of letter from DoU Office for delegation of management powers to DoR for the entire duration of the approved project.
  • Notification of engagement of designated faculty experts as PIs/ Co-PIs of the project along with earmarking of desired NUTL lab facilities for maximum facilitation towards project execution.