Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) invites junior and senior undergraduates to participate as associate Technology Research Group (TRG) members in a wide range of technology based research activities that are available in every academic department and most interdisciplinary laboratories and centres in collaboration with NUTECH faculty. The students are encouraged to get involved in such research pursuits as early as possible in an undergraduate career to avail the obvious advantages of establishing intellectual ties with the faculty and graduate  research scholars, investigating a potential major, acquiring data-gathering and technology laboratory techniques, exploring the frontiers of engineering and  technology field, undertaking industrial research topics not amenable to the classroom, facing a real-world industry-based technology driven problem and establishing a focus for educational experiences. Through Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP), students gain a better understanding of the intellectual process of inquiry in an engineering based technological field, while having the opportunity to experience personal and professional growth. Students may earn academic credit, or work on volunteer basis. The mode which TRGs students chose and all the work they do as part of UREP is worth academic credit.

Ineligibility of Students for Participation in UREP

The following individuals are not eligible to participate:

  • Undergraduates from institutions other than those duly approved by DoR.
  • NUTECH students who have officially received a bachelor’s degree, unless they are working towards another bachelor’s degree.
  • Incoming NUTECH freshmen during the summer prior to fall enrolment.
  • NUTECH students required to withdraw from the University by The Committee on Academic Performance (CAP).

Benefits of Participation in UREP

  • UG Research Scholars learn how to collaborate effectively in research settings while investigating areas of research interest within a specific discipline, and gaining practical skills and knowledge for both graduate study and post-graduation careers.
  • Participants become fully integrated with NUTECH’s research community, interacting with faculty mentors and fellow undergraduates while participating in research seminars and other networking events.
  • Scholars become involved in exciting engineering & technology-based research and get trained to contribute to the advancement of technology in an area of interest in future.

Educational Activities as Part of UREP

  • In addition to full-time research positions, the UG Scholars Program offers a number of educational activities for participating students.
  • A lunchtime seminar series, where faculty presents on relevant research areas and critical professional issues. The seminars are designed to not only expose students/TRGs to cutting edge technology based research, but also to broaden understanding of opportunities for graduate studies and technology driven careers.
  • Workshops and tutorials on poster presentation skills and graduate school preparation.
  • A mid-summer symposium devoted to research in the technology industry. NUTECH UG Scholars/TRGs have the opportunity to network with scholars from other universities/institutions.
  • A poster session at the end of the Program, where UG Scholars/TRGs share their ICAT and summer projects with NUTECH faculty, staff and students.