Physics Department

Welcome to the Physics Division of NUTECH School of Applied Sciences and Humanities at NUTECH!

Physics is what governs every single entity that exists in the universe. Everything from the tiniest scale of elementary particles to the gigantic astronomical bodies, obey its laws. Since everything is driven by Physics, every useful tool, machine or structure that one can think of, have to be made with its appropriate knowledge. A building, for instance, can not be designed or built without considerations of Forces, Equilibrium, Material properties, Stress, Strain etc. Design and performance of automobiles and aircrafts can not be optimised without appropriate knowledge of Fluid Dynamics. Electrical systems, circuits and appliances are direct applications of Electromagnetism.

We at the Department of Physics at NUTECH strive to ensure that our students from all of the engineering disciplines become well versed in fundamentals of Physics and embark on their journey towards excellence in technology through world-class education in science engineering, technology, other technologies, other areas of scholarship, professional certifications, technical & vocational skills. An in-depth knowledge of basic physics, enables these students to solve engineering problems in a better way using the fundamental concepts of physics. The department of Physics is involved in teaching basic and advanced physics courses to different programs’ students at NUTECH. We are also involved in research in multiple domain including experimental high energy physics, renewable energy devices, nanotechnology and material science.