Principal’s Message

National University of Technology has been established with a futuristic vision to create dynamic, creative, and well-equipped technologists to meet the emerging needs of local and international industry. The University’s vision and mission clearly defines its direction and future course of action. NUTECH School of Applied Sciences and Humanities (NUSASH) is determined to provide quality and comprehensive knowledge of basic sciences and humanities. The courses which are offered by the department include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Language and Communication, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies. In this regards, well-qualified and dedicated faculty has been employed to maintain and ensure high standards of teaching. Majority of the faculty members are Ph.D. degree holders.

The curricula at NUTECH have been designed keeping in view ever increasing demand of the domestic and global industry. It focuses on inculcating critical thinking and urge to explore hidden areas amongst students. The curricula help students develop their understanding of the subjects with a view to assist them find viable remedies/solutions of the problems which they may encounter in their careers. The department is a vibrant and self-motivated unit which has started its nascent journey to achieve the noble aims and objectives both in terms of research and quality of education in the realm of sciences and humanities which are set by the founders of this University.

Our faculty is determined to work collectively to materialize the dream and achieve set goals. They not only use modern research-based approaches but also work whole-heartedly to cultivate moral and ethical values and high standards of proficiency in English language among the students. I am quite hopeful that NUTECH will mark its place among the top-ranking universities of the world in the years to come. In-Sha Allah!