Feedback Surveys

Introduction: Conduct of feedback surveys is a very essential and productive activity in an institution. This activity gives repaid and first stand had information, suggestions and relevant input to enhance the quality in vide variety of university fields. This activity is also a requisite part of instructions by the national academic / accreditation bodies.

Frequency and Types of Feedback Surveys: Following are the types of surveys conducted at NUTECH for fetching useful feedback: –

Serial No.Type of SurveyFrequency
a.Students Course Evaluation SurveyOnce a semester
b.Students Teacher Evaluation SurveyOnce a semester
c.Faculty Course Review ReportOnce a semester
d.Faculty SurveyAnnual
e.Survey of Graduating StudentsDuring last Semester
f.Alumni SurveyAs per requirement
g.Employer SurveyAs per requirement
h.Satisfaction SurveysAs per requirement

Mechanism. To conduct the survey comprehensively following stages are involved: –

  • Initiation of conduct of Feedback survey by NUQAD.
  • Review of Survey form and improvement.
  • Approval of final survey form.
  • Issue schedule of conduct of survey.
  • Conduct of survey.
  • Analysis of survey.
  • Preparation of report.
  • Presentation of report to higher hierarchy.
  • Sharing of extract with departments for prep of corrective action plan.
  • Finalization of corrective action plan.
  • Sharing of corrective action plan.
  • Implementation of corrective action plan.
  • Monitoring progress.
  • Completion.
  • Archive.