Degree Structure & Requirement

In order to be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science, the entrants will need to possess a university entrance qualification.  The standard period of study for a bachelor’s degree program is four years.

Regular subjects of bachelor degree are divided into two main categories:

  • General University Requirements (GURs) – includes subjects in sciences, humanities, arts, management, social sciences, and sports.
  • Departmental Major Requirements (DMRs) – primarily includes subjects related to chosen field/ discipline of study.

General University Requirements (GURs)

Science Requirement (SR): 6 Subjects 

  • MATH1101 Calculus I
  • MATH1102 Calculus II
  • PHY1101 Physics I
  • PHY1201 Physics II
  • CHE1001 Chemistry
  • BIO1002 Biology

Restricted Electives in Technology and Science (RETS) – 2 Subjects

  • MATH3301 Linear Algebra & ODEs
  • MATH3901 Discrete Structures

Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Management, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (PIMHASS) Requirement – 7 subjects

Minimum one subject must be selected from designated categories:

  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Management
  • Humanities
  • Arts and Social Sciences

Lab Requirement (LR) – 1 Subject

  • CS2005 Object Oriented Programming
  • CS2006 Object Oriented Programming Lab

Communication Requirement (CR)

4 x communication intensive subjects (2 in PIMHASS and 2 in departmental major). Requirement can be met by HU1001 Language and Communication Skills, HU1005 Technical Communication for Engineers CS3009 Software Engineering and CS4011 Database Systems

Industrial Requirement (IR): 

Evidence of attending and passing following:

  • 8 credits internship during summer 
  • 6 credits of creative/industry focused projects during Industrial and Creative Activity  Term   (ICAT)/ summer
  • 2 credits of research work
  • 6 credits of Industrial Learning Experience (ILE)

Departmental Major Requirements (DMRs)

  • General Departmental Requirements (GDR) – 68 Credits
  • Concentration Stream Requirements (CSR) – 9 Credits
  • Restricted Electives (RE) – 12 Credits
  • Senior Year Design Project i.e., Capstone Project (FYP) – 6 Credits