NUTECH Skills Development Department (NSDD) is designed to focus on the quality of education/training for developing employable skills, oriented towards the world of work with delivering high quality technical education. This includes developing lifelong skills also. This means “Lifelong Skills Concept” at NUTECH to support our youth. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is also an important component of NLSP enabling the skilled youth to make them employable in domestic and global markets. Lifelong learning blends formal education with continual professional and personal development. As technology advances at a rapid pace, lifelong learners have to learn new skills and adapt to rapid changes in professional and personal environments. Creation of Reskilling Forum at World Economic Forum – 2020, of which Pakistan is a member is also meant to enhance lifelong skills of the countries and industrial works. NUTECH is also contemplating to establish NLSP for capacity enhancement to cope up all these aspects. The NLSP Directorate is established under NSDD with a Director having adequate staff to manage its affairs.