Development Project – Establishment of Campus, National University of Technology (NUTECH), Islamabad – PSDP


Best and relatively instantly rewarding investment is always in the field of technical education. In Pakistan, most of the students enrolled themselves in general education as compared to technical & vocational education while in developed countries the enrollment in technical education is twice of the general education. Pakistan is obliged with a great potential and blessed with ample natural and human resources. 64% of the total population is below the age of 30 years which constitutes a huge treasure. 29% Pakistan is are between 15 and 29 years of age, need to be properly trained through careful planning and investment.

Significant skill gaps exist in professionals that have led to mismatch between demand and supply of workers in various sectors of economy.  There is also dearth of quality training opportunities for workers and potential professionals with the right skill set. To produce high skilled applied engineers, universities of technology are being established in the country as per recommendations of the National Education Policy, 2009.  NUTECH is the 1st ever federally charted functional technology university established to bridge unprecedented gap of technical and skilled manpower in all sectors of the economy, promote applied research, train large segment of youth in the relevant fields to ensure knowledge and technology based productivity driven rapid and sustainable economic growth.

NUTECH initiated academic activities with modest start. In short span of time, initial infrastructure with allied facilities to meet 1-2 year requirements has been established. High priority 05 undergrad engineering technology programs have already been introduced.  Main objective of the project is to establish / strengthen campus of NUTECH as per international practices to provide platform of higher education in the engineering and applied engineering technology-based disciplines. Existing facilities of NUTECH are not sufficient to meet 04 years academic requirements of 05 already initiated technology / skill development programs.

Project Proposal

Based on the thorough consultations and discussions with all stake holders to encounter standard curricula and accreditation requirements of 05 existing and 03 projected Undergraduate degree programs, a comprehensive proposal have been developed. Project proposal will fill the missing facilities i.e. qualified faculty, teaching labs, infrastructure and allied requirements to facilitate 1500-2000 applied engineers through 05-07 existing and projected engineering technology degree programs at par with international standard

Acquisition of Land for Main Campus

Present available limited 6.3 acres land and existing facilities will hardly accommodate already imitated 05 engineering technology programs with maximum capacity of 1500 students. For expansion of academic activities, 400 acres land proposed to be acquired to establish a purpose built residential campus, enable to produce a substantial number of high quality graduates in a variety of disciplines required for immediate development needs of the country. Campus will be developed in phases as per availability of financial and HR (qualified faculty) resources.